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sorry I haven't been on all week, but in truth I've been watching the tennis!

I had a MRI an the spine and pelvis, as planned by consultant, last Sunday at 8.30 a.m!!! I don't have an appointment until December with the Reummy again, which surprised the technician, she said 'Thats odd, they'll call you in before when they've seen the scan!!! :shock:

I've heard nothing yet, but had an appointment in mid July to see my GP and see what she knows, mid july is the earliest I can get with her! I have fibro and oa and I carry the AS gene, which is what the scan is for. I wouldn't worry, but I've had quite a lot of pain this week in my lower spine and neck. Lying on the MRI thing for an hour, I expect.
Love Sue


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    That was rather disturbing, I imagine, and quite irresponsible of the technician as they're not qualified to read such things.

    I hope all is well.

    Enjoy the tennis but, mif you're worried, ask for an earlier appt. and explain why.
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    That is somewhat disconcerting. Hope your gp can throw some light on the situation.
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    It's awful that they said that to you :( Really it's bad enough laying in the darn machine (I cried the whole hour of my brain mri) feeling claustrophobic & freaked out without them saying that!!

    I agree you should ask for an emergency app with either ure gp or rheumy. U can't keep worrying til mid July :(

    (((( )))) x
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    Hi Sue :)

    Good to see you and glad you are enjoying the tennis :wink:

    More than likely most people do get feedback from their referrer soonish after an MRI.

    I wonder if you can leave a message with the reception for your GP that you want to talk about the MRI? So that she can be ready?


    Toni xxx
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    I agree with Toni, call your G.P reception ask to talk to your G.P's Secretary and explain you want to know your MRI results and that you don't have an appt to see your G.P till July or your Rhummy till December and ask if she could get your G.P to give you a call with the MRI results. I hope that your G.P will give you a call back.
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    Hi Sue
    I am another tennis fan... :D
    They did this with my first MRI I didnt hear a thing so I rang them twice and said I was worried and didn't want to wait ant longer...they apologized and my appointment came through within you ring them..I have learned that you have to make yourself heard ...especially today... :roll: I do hope everything is ok when you do hear...xx
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    It would be better not to say anything than to make it sound as if theres something to worry about. Still, I hope my GP will help sort it out.

    I think one of the reasons she is so understanding is that she has some sort of long term condition herself and often is off work for a few months. Theirs nothing like experience of pain and illness to teach you what its like to live with!
    Love Sue xxx

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