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So went to rheumy and seems my crp is in fact rising on the enbrel :roll: so after a long chat and reassessed my das I have now been swapped to humira. Also gave me another steroid to 'try' and get my inflammation down so am up to 10 in 2 years :o def feeling a bit better today, even put the washing out! so I think its working.
all positive, I think, and am off on hols next week so hopefully the steroid will give me a bit of relief to enjoy myself and I can (hopefully) do some swimming which will be some much needed exercise and help burn off all the cheese and wine I will doubtless need to consume!!


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    Hi Lizzie

    Indeed the cheese and wine will be necessary methinks :lol:

    Seriously the appointment was good timing for you just before your holiday and sounds to have been productive.

    I hope you are going somewhere lovely

    Toni xxx

    Toni xxx
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    Oh Lizzie I'm really glad they helped you, The timing is definitely fortuitous :)
    I hope this one manages to keep the inflammatory markers down without steroids soon.

    Have a fab holiday. (((( )))) x
    Healing Hugs
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    I hope the humira and steroids help and that you have a good holiday - which might help even more than the other two :wink:
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    Lizzie I am so glad the appointment was helpful especially with your hol coming up.. :D hopefully the Humira will give you lots of relief.. you enjoy your hols...cheese and wine.. :D any room in your case Im only little honest.. :? x
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    I've been wondering how you are - this sounds like a plan and I hope it all helps. How long is it before you can start the humira? I think they usually say three months off before a new anti TNf is introduced - I hope the steroid does the decent thing and lasts that long, I also hope humira does a better job of work. DD
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    Thanks all,
    Have started already dd they said as I'd only had 6 weeks on enbrel was fine to start so did the inj with the nurse at the hospital, funnily enough it was less painful than the enbrel so let's hope that continues.
    Barbara, not much space as we have toddler plus 2 dogs to take, maybe able to tie u to the roof bars! :lol:
    Have done more today than I have in weeks so steroid def helping, I know its only temporary but at least its something.