some kinda miracle ..!

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So today we got up and took the horse to a dressage competition!!

I'm 3 weeks post steroid injection so just startting to feel the aches and pains coming back in. I had a knee strapping on one leg and a wrist support on the opposite hand so looked rather fetching I thought :)

It was very hot and my horse was quite on his toes as hes not been anywhere for quite a while.

I made sure I didnt overdo it in the warm up and rode my 2 tests as well as I could.

Tied up to the lorry , sat in the shade with a cold flannel on the back of my neck, wearing shorts and t shrt and drinking copious amounts of water!!
Got asked a few times by others if I was allright (must have looked a right sight!)

Had wobbly legs walking over to get my results and my knees were killing me. Very very exceptionally thrilled to be placed 4th and 3rd respectively !! :):D

I know I will be wiped out now for approx 2 days but hey ! It was soo worth it!!

Maz xx


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    Some things are worth the pain and struggle and the after effects after all we have to LIVE.
    Hope the effects tomorrow arn't too bad.
    Love Sue xxx :D
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    Well done you, life is for living, and sometimes the payback is worth it for enjoying a sense of the normal.
    Deb x
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    Congratulations - well done!
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    Good for you Maz! I used to ride when I was a child, loved it. I've even got a reminder of my horse riding days a cap on my front tooth from a riding accident. My sister still owns a horse and enjoys riding. Congrats on coming 4th & 3rd that's an amazing accomplishment for someone with Arthritis.

    It is worth doing something you truly love and taking a few days of pain and suffering for it. Otherwise we would be permanently depressed and sitting round doing nothing, what sort of life is that?!
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    Well done! I hope the payback isn't too bad but at least you did it.
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
    Steven Wright
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    Thanks guys for all your kind words, I am today (not surprisingly) rather knackered and in pain. But hey! I'm giving myself a few easy days now to recover and get back to relative normality. Dont want my ESR level too high for my next b/test!!
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    Hello Mazbaz
    I hope you feel better today i'm sure it was a unforgettable moment.
    what is your horse like I had my own years a go.
    take care
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    Hi Mazbaz;
    That's terrific! Way to go, that's really a great accomplishment and must have felt so good.
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    Hi dachshund (joan)

    Thanks and yes it was lovely!
    My horse is a coloured Irish cob, not very big in size but makes up for it in attitude! Hes a real character and also quite a challenge when in "Cob Mode" :)
    I had him before the RA (in fact that was caused by a fall from him) so weve both had to adjust over the last couple of years. Although its physically very challenging some days, I know that without him I'd be sitting about doing nothing and thoroughly depressed, so we soldier on!!

    Maz xx