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I thought it was about time I consulted with my insurance company about updating my Annual Holiday Insurance, in the hope that we might get a few days abroad in the next couple of months, or at the very least insure for next year.

I have always been very careful with regards medical insurance abroad, after hearing so many 'horror' stories of people being billed for thousands of pounds due to insufficient or invalid insurance.

To additionally "cover" the new bi-lateral knee partial replacements had earlier this year, it is gonna cost us an additional £55-60 per year...

I didn't think that was tooooo bad.

Anyone else have experience of this...?


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    I can't really help because I've had 2 TKRs and 2 THRs all the time we've been going to the USA annually so I've nothing to compare mine with but I think you're absolutely right to declare all. There are a lot of variables in holiday insurance - annual insurance works out cheaper by the month than just taking it out for a month. Also age (over 70-75, depending on the company) makes a difference. Enjoy your holiday.
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    That doesn't sound too bad. I've been trying to sort out travel insurance and there seem to be wide variations. Whilst we are on the topic of holiday insurance, does anyone know of a company that don't charge the earth for being over 70, will cover OA probs and poss BP prob (am awaiting appointment with my GP, but practice nurse I saw a couple of weeks ago said it is linked with chronic pain)? Does anyone else have similar problems? One of my friends tells me that some companies ignore BP probs whilst others don't. Beryl
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    If you put 'travel insurance' in the Arthritis Care search engine, Beryl, a lot of former threads on the subject come up but also, second down on the left, is a useful Arthritis Care article.

    Premiums go up if one is on more than two meds for the same condition.
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    I used medici travel or osmething like that last year. They were very reasonable despite me with my severe RA & hubby with brain tumour.

    Google medici travel, hopefully it may come up

    Janie xx

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