Is this the way it is??!!!

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Had a lovely w/e away, couple of nights in a pub in North Wales. Weather was v hot and sunny so spent the time driving round country lanes, stopping off for beach and woodland strolls and meanders thru small towns, with regular cake/lunch/beverage breaks - bet I'm 'selling' it to you all eh??!! Well, today, my knees, feet, toes and hands are more than making their presence known! So, did I do too much?! Next time I have a w/e away, maybe I need to take the Monday off work too?!


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    You obviously did too much for your joints but the only relevant question is 'Was it worth it?' If so, do it again. If not, take things a bit easier next time. We all have to tread a fine line between 'sensible' and 'enjoyable'. Life - even, or maybe especially, arthritic life - needs some joy and laughter. I hope you have a great weekend.
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    You're not selling me a thing :) . I know I couldn't cope with anything remotely approaching that level of activity but I am pleased you did even if payback has arrived. Why should you take a day off work? If you pace yourself properly then that shouldn't be necessary and now you have had your first hint that pacing may be required. (Mind you I don't think the extreme heat will have helped matters.) I have recently had to stop work but I've been dealing with this for a great deal longer than you and I am tired of flogging my very unco-operative body to accomodate the needs of others - like the rest of us you have to establish your personal limits and then adjust life to fit. When he and me go away he does what he wants and I don't because I cant. We then rendezvous and he tells me what he's been up to which is always more fun than my activities! :lol:

    Look at what you did and the fun you had along the way. Yes, there may be a price to pay but that is Life With Arthritis. It makes you pay in different ways at different times which is why living with it is such a challenge. DD
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    Thanks - sensible advice, as always (even if I'm not sure I want to hear it!!) been sitting very lazily with feet up all evening and aches are now improving!
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    Hi Sharon,

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend, just the kind we enjoy too. But as others have said, we each have to find the level of what we want to do and what we can cope with, and sometimes we can do more than others :? .

    I guess in my head sometimes it's worth the aches and pains to share in special family events or special days away, then plan in some down time later to get over it!!!!

    Deb x
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    I find if I'm going to out for long periods of time I take my wheelchair, but if you don't use a chair it's best to make sure you have a day or two to recover from it. Resting and taking it easy so your body recharges and it means rest & recoup! Not doing a bit of cleaning or gardening!! Otherwise you will suffer!
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    Sharon I am so glad you had a good have to keep doing the things you enjoy the most but tone them down a little..I am such a believer in looking forward to things especially breaks a I am sure you will be able to judge better next time....then again... :D x

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