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I'm guilty of not coming here often enough but I hope some of you can help me out.

I have been taking enbrel for nearly 2 years but have had a big problem with mouth ulcers, canker sores on my lips and inside my mouth and then on my upper body, have had about 6 episodes of this the last one being so bad I stopped taking the enbrel.

I then had to have surgery (gynae) and so I've been off it for 10 weeks now.

The rheumy department at my hospital has had a lot of problems over the last few months and I haven't been able to see anyone until tomorrow.

Has anyone else experienced these problems with Enbrel and if so was another anti tnf the answer?

Thanks in advance



  • DebbieT
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    Hi Scarlett,

    I'm afraid I can't help with personal experience as I'm still on DMARDS not Anti TNF's but from wot I've read on here people do seem to try other ones if they've failed with a med.

    I wish you well for tomorrow, I'm hopeful ure Rheumy will help you get on a new med :) Good luck.x
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    Hi, I haven't been on enbrel (yet!) but I am on my third of it's cousins. Thankfully there are more of these drugs coming out and if one doesn't fit properly there are other options, Remicade, Humira? I was on one that made my joints feel great but drained so much of my energy I wasn't able to do anything.
    I would ask the docs what the other options were as this one is obviously not giving you the quality of life it should. We all know there are side effects but the drug's benefits have to be worth it.

    I hope you get a good result tomorrow.

  • scarlett
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    Thank you Debbie and thistle they always do their best at the hospital I think I'm just disappointed as the enbrel really helped the PA

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