Is this a record - a year to get new sticks from physio

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Hi All,
A year ago my Rhumy said I needed new sticks as the handles on mine where increasing the damage to my hands and wrists -- even though they were changed by a physio to the smaller sized handles about a year before --- I also needed different thumb and wrist supports , these I got eight months later but due to having to attend different hospitals for both items my sticks had to come from my local (small) hospitals budget but the supports came from the larger hospitals budget, all this has taken a full year !
I am grateful to both physio depts but I now think NHS stands for Now hopelessly slow .
Isn't life fun


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    I've noticed deterioration in when you need things, taking longer to arrive and once when I needed a new hand support you could tell it had been used before by someone else and it smelled a bit wiffy!!

    Even the Alexander hospital which is a fairly big hospital seems to be letting it's self down. It's a shame because it once was a lovely hospital now it's like a person who's a little depressed and just let them self go (greasy hair,old clothes spots,ect!) not good!
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    Falling between two departments is always going to cause delays etc but you now have them and I hope they help. DD
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    Thanks to All who have read this moan of mine , but just to update things, went to pick up new sticks
    wrong size !!!!!!!!!!!!!! so no good , still waiting.
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    How frustrating for you Joanna. Let's hope they find the right size sticks soon. I really feel for you.


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