Why don't people just say what they mean?

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As in the friend, due round here at 3.30 who rang to ask if it would be better for us if they arrived at 4pm. I said it made no difference and to come when they liked. It turns out their daughter wants them to pop in there first. So, why not just say so? Why not say 'Would it be OK etc etc" rather than dressing it up as them doing us a favour? :?

And, yes, I am narky :mrgreen: More problems with incompetent orthotists.
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    I can understand the narkiness (caused by the former and a little aggravated by the latter). She may feel that, as you and Mr SW are the hostess and host, it's more polite to frame it this way round rather than 'Well, it turns out that 3.30 doesn't suit us so we'll pitch up at 4.' If you are relatively new aquaintances they may not know you well enough as yet to be so forthright, but if not then I really don't know why she didn't say what she meant. DD
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    In reply to your question Sticky........ I 'always' do :)
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    Hello Sticky, Calm down girl calm down, Yep your spot on I know just the type of people your talking about why cant people just call a spade a spade. I go to visit relations when I have appointments at the hospital simply because they live by the hospital so its regular visits for them but I always say see you when we get there as often clinics run late. Now if I wasent at the hospital I would phone and say see you Friday afternoon if your going to be in. Funny they never visit us.
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    After changing 3.30 to 4pm they then arrived at 3.45 before I'd changed :roll: No matter. We had a lovely evening and the wine flowed.
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