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I do despair with these DWP workers
Since January I've had a total of 11 letters from the DWP some repeated some contradict themselves and some make no sense at all!
Time to ring and find out how incompetent they are!
My latest letter arrived two days ago stating my sick not ran out on 30/3/13 its now 26/7/13
I contacted them by letter 3 times informing them that from that date I was not claiming for ESA as I had been awarded my ill health retirement and did not wish to claim any more even gave my telephone number for them to contact me I've heard nothing till now
They want a further sick note? Why? I'm not claiming anything have had no payments from then since that date
I do not need to work I do not want to work I'm retired so what on earth has it got to do with them!!
I'm going to ask for an appointment to discuss all this Grrr
Plus I'm still paying tax as HM revenue still think I'm getting ESA which would take me over the threshold to pay tax so tax is now deducted from my pension so only getting £300.00 a month to live on
HM revenue said they would sort it but they haven't
Will let you know how I get on


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    Maria if only people would communicate with one another ...honestly like you I despair at some of the things that happens in the NHS and the government departments... I always wonder what happens to all the forms we fill in do, they shred um before reading them :roll: ....good luck with it all x
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    Oh dear, Maria, you are having a bad time with DWP. What a saga! Do hope you manage to get it all sorted out. Think I must have been very lucky as whenever I've needed to contact them, they've been extremely helpful, but maybe they are ok with minor matters and not complex ones? Perhaps it's a case of the left hand not knowing what the right one is doing!!

    Let us know how the saga progresses. Good Luck.

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    Spoke to a Scottish chap very nice but he had no answers for me as he's the one that sends out the reminders
    I did ask why it took 3 months before they decided to send it out
    My last letter from April has got lost in space or probably shredded before opening!
    So I have filled in the other one sent telling them they didn't need a sick note from me as I've retired due to ILL HEALTH underlined too
    Just waiting for a supervisor to ring back but as il was 11.45 don't think I will hear as it will be their lunch break!
    I never got a lunch break why should they! I'm just being mean now
    Will let you know what the outcome is
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    If a government department is behaving incompetently. I write and tell them so :). Also pointing out that if matters are not resolved 'promptly', they will be hearing from my MP. This has always worked for me.
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    I might just do that!
    I even have letters sent the same day in separate envelopes contradicting each other
    Everyone passes the buck its never their fault Blaa Blaa Blaa
    I worked in a profession where we were accountable for our actions and followed a code of conduct pity more aren't like that
    Still no call must still be at lunch

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