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Hi all,
Hope u r all as well as can be.
Been away and had a lovely time. Thankfully the consultant gave me a steroid just before we went and swapped me to humira as the enbrel was doing nothing. I have to say that 4 weeks on I am feeling loads better, am assuming its not still the steroid as the last one I had hardly did anything so fingers crossed its the humira :)
I managed to do my first bit of work for several months today and feel OK but will see how I am tomorrow. I def feel more energetic and more like my old self so let's hope it continues and humira may be my wonder drug, trying not to get too excited but has been so long since I've felt this well I even ran after my toddler yesterday! There is a glimmer on the horizon at last :D


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    Welcome home. Hope your holiday was much fun. It sounds like things are on an upward curve and I'm so pleased for you! I hope the Humira keeps working magic and you keep running after your toddler! Well done with working too, that must have felt pretty good after all you've had to cope with.
    LV (((())))
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    That is very good news, I am pleased your hols went well and I also hope that humira will be the one for you; it has been for a fair few on here so let the good times roll, yes? DD
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    hello there. Welcome back and I do hope the humira helps.
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    Glad you had a lovely time Lizzie, hope it is the humira working for you......Marie xx
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    Thanks for the replies, well today I have felt pretty good so am pleasantly surprised that my work yesterday didn't cause too many aches - a little hand/wrist stiffness first thing which is to be expected but no real pain thankfully. Went to toddler party today and all our friends said how well I looked which was lovely and I enjoyed feeling more energetic and hence more sociable, will be making the most of it but trying to be sensible too ( might even get on my horse soon!)

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