My son made me smile

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Ive been in agony the 10 days with Aurther and the yesterday landed up at the Docs with sever water infection. The doc ask me if I had pains in my back(silly question) Ive always got pains.
I came home feeling so poorly and just wanted to be left alone.
My son rang me to say hello and to find out what time I was seeing him today. I told him I felt like poo because I had a water infection and he ask how long it would take to get fixed!!
He was talking about the car :lol: .
Some mothers do have em dont they!
Anyway the antibiotics are working so Ime not really moaning today.


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    Oh elsa you have to laugh don't you.

    I do hope you feel much better soon, well, as better as you can feel. Take care x

    sorry, can help thinking about a car radiator with an infection!!
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    Hello elsa, oh boy that sounds miserable - do you get a lot of UTIs? If so I may have a useful tip. If you would llike to know what it is then PMN me, OK? DD
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    Aww Elsa that is you needed...a water infection...but cant you just count on sons to get the wrong end of the stick..bless glad he made you laugh and I hope you feel better very soon x

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