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Hello all :)

My name is Anna. I am 49 (another wk :shock: ) and have 2 young boys ages 4 and 5yrs old. I've had FMS/Myfacia/Raynauds/OA for 15 yrs. I was diagnosed with PsA and RA 2-3 months ago, became symptomatic a yr ago.

Okay, here is my question. Has anyone had success with treating RA and PsA naturally? I keeping avoiding the methotrexate, rheumy is not happy. I told him that I wanted to wait to rule out any other metabolic disorders, since my 5yr old failed a panel that pointed to a mitochondrial disorder, which the geneticists have not been able to name yet. Geneticist said it would have come from me. So now I'm off to the neuro next week to see what he thinks. Taking any harsh drug for me is a very difficult thing to do!!! I am Miss natural most of the time. I've had great success in treating my sons seizure disorder (grandmal/frontal/absence) through strict diet and supplements. Has not gone status epilepticus in almost 2 yrs.

Thanks for any help out there :)


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    Hi Anna;

    I am sorry you have multiple problematic illness to deal with.

    I have PsA, OA, Raynaud's and an as-yet-to-be determined ailment. I used to be "miss natural" with nothing but good diet for my body. I'm sorry, but I now believe in conventional medicinal approaches and follow my rheum's advice regarding meds. I truly wish these diseases could be recovered from by taking a natural cure. I think if there were any that worked, they would be suggested by our medical professionals; it would make their jobs so much easier.

    You can do much for yourself with an excellent diet rich in vegetables and high quality proteins. Some seem to find juicing beneficial and there are some active threads regarding this.

    I have chosen to hit my problems hard with whatever drugs are shown to help preserve my joint function, and are recommended by my trusty rheumatologist.

    Best wishes,

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    Thanks for your reply, Boomer13 :)

    Yes, I've read that about juicing as well. Before I consider meds, I will be going on a juice fast to eliminate candida, parasites, cleanse the colon, promote take supplements that would be helpful. See where this takes me.

    I also would like to know about any mitochondrial disorder that I may have first, before considering treatment if there is no change once my fast is complete.

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    hi Anna ,

    Psa & RA are treated the same way so regardless which they think you have the treatment is the same , Methotrexate is a very good drug to stop joint damage & alot of us have been on it a very long time with little side effects & most take a second & third drug along side it , the strength we take is alot lower than when its used to treat cancer

    no one realy likes taking these drugs but sometimes you have to , some foods helps by cutting them out but it varies from person to person ie gluten & nightshade vegetables & some fruites/berries

    hope you feel better soon
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    Hello from me, too. I can only echo what Boomer and trepolpen have said. It's a powerful disease and requires powerful meds. I speak as one for whom the powerful meds weren't around when first diagnosed. I had no option but to face the consequences. You do so please be guided by your rheumatologist.
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    Hello Anna
    My friend has Lupus ..a type of arthritis..and she has given up all dairy and replaced with goats milk and cheeses..she has felt a difference in her joints..but its only been a few months so we will see..sorry I didn't welcome you to the forum..x
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    Hello Anna ,welcome to the forum ,I tried for years to treat my self ..R/A ..and Osteo children were wonderful every morning before school they would bring me ready brek .. and a tablet indocid .. apart from pain dullers a healthy diet that was it about it ....Years down the line I feel its a combination thats needed I do have joint dammage .. still have moderate pain and find the Leflunomide my drug of choice stops the very bad pain the TKR I had last year was the best thing ever and it has made the greatest difference so keep juiceing take what is on offer with proviso and very very good luck ...............Marrianne xx
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    I'm sorry you have so many problems.....I'm using homeopathy at the moment for my eyes {not arthritis yet}
    I'm so pleased your son has not status for so long.
    I would not have the courage to stop anti epilepsy drugs......Had it since I was 18 months old and the first time I went to a homeopath {about something else} she decided not to stop them but work around it. I was about 33years old then
    Sorry didn't say
    I have O.A kyphoscoliosis and spinal stenosis so cant help with your meds.
    Seeing the orthopaedic surgeon a week today

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    I cannot think of any natural drug that suppresses the immune system but I know that quite a few can suppress life (which is the ultimate cure. :wink: ) DD
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    Hi Anna, and welcome.

    I understand what you're saying entirely - having been healthy most of my life I've never liked 'popping pills' and have done without wherever possible. Drugs in any form are, to me, a type of poison that the body should do without. However, you need to know when to give in. The methotrexate your rheumy wants you to take is with the aim of preventing irreversible joint damage. Irreversible. That's quite a thought, and one that I'm willing to take a variety of poisons to avoid.

    As has been mentioned, if there were a natural remedy for what ails us, we'd all be taking it. I hope you can come to terms with the options and choose the right one for you. x
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    Hi sorry to hear about your problems . I’ve never tried any natural remedies or the juice diet. What is involved in that?