sooo angry and upset

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Hi everyone,

this is only my second post but I'm so upset about my working situation at the moment.

I had my first physiotherapy appointment this morning which went very well, my physio is lovely and so understanding and I really felt like this might be the start of me getting things back on track, and working towards a more normal quality of life for my age! :)

I come into work late obviously due to a scheduled appointment and my boss said this afternoon i want a chat with you.
so this afternoon he takes me aside to chat to me...

He basically said because we have such a small company that he very much relies on everyone being at work every day on time... etc etc, Ive not been with the company long just six months and unfortunately I have had some time off sick already which I know is not ideal but can not be helped. hes said that appointments need to be made in my own time which when I work 8.30-5.30 cant be done, so I have tried my up most to get any appointments to be as early as possible to avoid disruption unfortunately physio/ hydrotherapy appointments do not run really early or late so I am basically stuck.

I feel very upset and angry as I really do want to work but obviously my health is important too!!

sorry for the long post/rant


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    Really sorry you have to go through this, really isn't nice :(

    I'm not 100% sure on laws but I know that if that happened at my place of work! I would go to my Union Rep, have you got any thing like that?

    Also I'm pretty sure he is not allowed to say to that you are not allowed to go as, as you say, your health is more important and if you don't go to these appointments, you could end up being off sick again.

    Sorry I can't offer more advice but post away because sometimes, you saying these things can help.

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    rachie1986 o/

    I am pretty sure that you having to attend hospital appointments due to a disability is protected by law somewhere. Also the fact that you have been through so much lately by the sounds of things and then having to deal with this! Hopefully someone will be able to clarify this for you, all I can find is that the employer has to make 'reasonable allowances'.

    Anyways I hope this works out for you and you don't beat yourself up; There are plenty of jobs out there if it comes down to it.. your health is the most important thing ! :)
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    No wonder you are angry and upset, I think I would be too. Your health is obviously important and your employer doesn't seem to understand that you need to attend these appointments or else it could lead to having even more time off if you don't go. Physio is very important!

    I was just wondering what is going on with your work now and if they have let you have the time off for the appointments?
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    Yes they are supposed to let you take appointments in work time!
    My boss made such a fuss saying the ward was left short while I attended my hospital appointments which were on the floor below me!
    So much for a caring profession! Luckily for me I managed to get ill health retirement which in its self was very stressful
    When I left after 30 years of nursing I got nothing no thank you very much for all your hard work no we will miss you no nothing! Grrr
    But hey ho I'm out of that situation and getting on with my life.
    One question I have is are you in a union? If its a small company do they have their own occupational health department?
    If not it might be worth asking citizens advice
    Don't let them get you down