A new exercise routine

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It's sunny and bright, windy and cold – a perfect day for drying the washing: not such a good day for trying to hold it down on the line long enough to peg it. But I persevered and got the lot on, until the final pair of knickers which fell to ground. There's no way I can reach ground level these days so it meant fetching the grabber from indoors.

I fetched the grabber, picked up my smalls, hung the grabber on the line while I pegged them and then watched a big gust take it off again. How do you pick up a picker-upper :?

:idea: Well, I do have an old one. It lacks a locking mechanism so is little use to me except when my grandson is here as it keeps him off the 'real' one. So I kicked it to the door (A variation on my 'peg football' routine), grabbed Grabber No. 2 and attempted to lift Grabber No. 1 with it. I could lift it but, without the lock, I couldn't maintain my grip so it slid off again. Repeatedly. Finally, I perfected a grip/hoist/kick routine which landed it inside. And again. Now it was lying half upright against a chair from which I could retrieve it.

Job's a good 'un :D Arthritis opens up new skills yet again 8) Phew! Need a coffee :lol:


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    Well done SW
    Arthritis does teach us to persevere :lol:
    You know that during the 6 weeks after a THR you are not allowed to bend etc etc!!!
    Well I've now got a magnet which is telescopic which sits about in case I drop my grabber.....BUT the grabber isn't magnetic :shock:

    So I have a massive bull dog clip on it {people look at the grabber and wonder what the bull dog clip is for :lol: } and it IS magnetic......so drop the grabber, get the magnet, unfold it and aim it at the bull dog clip....HEY PRESTO one grabber in my hand again :lol:

    Found this magnet thingey in the back of Peters shed one time.
    I'm not allowed in there :lol: but was being nosey and it worked.

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    I like that sw.
    A good self manager can often develop an exercise routine
    from an ordinary every day task.
    The knack is to recognise and include it in your life style.
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    Hello Sticky
    there is all way's a way around things its just finding it.
    take care
    joan xx
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    Well done sticky...like you say something new learned..and a lesson to be learned arthritis will never get the better of you... :) xx
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    And then it rained :roll: :lol:

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