greater trochanteric pain syndrome

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Can anyone tell me how to help pain on walking with Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome,please?I am 3 years Post Op from Total Hip Replacement & have been in pain of some degree ever since.Much worse at the moment,even walking a short distance.VERY frustrating!!I am a RA sufferer of 30+years.


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    Hello cyto1 and welcome to the forum.

    If this has been going on ever since your THR I'm wondering what your surgeon thinks about it, if you've had physio for it and an x-ray to check what's going on. It seems to be lasting a long time as I thought this was supposed to be a self-limiting condition. I think I'd be wanting a doc to check that the diagnosis was correct.

    By the way, I think you'll get more replies if you copy your thread to the Living With Arthritis forum rather than here as this is essentially for matters to do with benefits and work. (I know, it's so confusing at first, isn't it) :)
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