Does OA have flare-ups?

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Hi all, and hope you're enjoying the warmer weather today.

I was always under the impression that OA didn't flare, and that it was only the inflammatory arthritis's that did. However, I am now thinking that maybe I was wrong. I have spent the most painful weekend in a long time with severe OA pain in my spine, confined to the settee and only being able to move very slowly and tentatively with crutches.
So those of you with OA...does yours flare up?


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    Many people ask this question I would say yes,I have OA im multiple joints and sometimes I get like flue like symptoms and every joint seems to hurt..saying this I have to see a rheumy in May because of new symptoms so we shall see what they say...
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    I have RA but my mum has OA- I know that there are times when her pain is more severe and debilitating, and others when it's just a routine level of yuk :( , so I guess you could call it a flare up-she reckons the weather and changes in weather make a difference-and who am I to disagree with my mum :shock: .

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    Barbara, it was initially thought I had AS but although xrays showed damage to the SI joints, the MRI showed no inflammation, so they said it was 'just' OA.
    I have said for a couple of days that I was coming down with something; fluey is exactly how I have felt.

    Deb, there is something in that; apparently it's something to do with barometric pressure? I have always found that my knees played up before it rained...the first time I went to the GP with it he said 'count yourself lucky that you know when to bring an umbrella out!' :lol:
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    My OA feels worse in colder and / or damp weather but it doesn't make me feel how I feel when the PsA flares. I would say it responds to situations rather than flaring. DD
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    As one with a foot in both camps, I'd say no. Some times it's worse than others but there's usually an obvious reason for that. The RA flares whenever it feels like it despite all the meds which normally hold it steady and no provocation on my part. And, once it's decided to flare, usually only ,more meds or a steroid jab will pacify it.
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    Mine definatly does, I can have a really bad week then 2 or 3 good weeks, it's when the Hebron growths grow then go dormant, I have it in my hand and wrists can almost see the nodules rising, lol
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    Hi, I'm new here, I'm 45 and in October last year I was diagnosed with Erosive Inflammatory OA and that definitely has flare ups. I'm having one at the moment!
    It's difficult to find information about it as it seems quite rare. I have it in all my joints (not just hands, which is slightly more common)
    From what I have learned so far like RA it is caused by the immune system, however it is called EIOA as the damages caused to the joints are the same as OA.
    That's about all I know :-(
    Does anyone else have this or know more about it?