R.I.P Mickey Rooney

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At the age of 93 Mickey Rooney has died. Married eight times and made
hundreds of films from his early years onwards.
National Velvet has always been one of my favourite films in which he starred with a young Elizabeth Taylor.


  • barbara12
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    Ron what a career he had..from so young..I have only just found out it was him in Boys Town with Spencer Tracy...a brilliant film and would advise anyone to watch it..xx
  • frogmorton
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    and didn't he do well?!!

    93 :shock:

    Amazing man. Thanks Ron XX
  • Francie7532
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    It's the end of an era!! He will be missed, but we still have all of his work!!
  • rondetto
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    Yes, that film Boys town has still got one of most tear jerking scenes in film history. Where the boys are running across a railway track and Pee wee gets knocked down. Mickey Rooney picks him up and walks away with tears steaming down his face. A wonderful film worth watching again and again.
  • mike26
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    Yes ron a great man
    some of us grew up in that era, and watched him in many
    good films including the ones mentioned .
    RIP Mickey.

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