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I took Mr LV to the 20 20 cricket last night. It's years since I went to match but he is a bit homesick and loves the sport so I thought it might help. Other than deep pain due to uncomfy seats it was good fun. At first I was disappointed at the lack of Lycra but actually, those pretty coloured pyjama like outfits do show off their bottoms very nicely and there's a lot of bending down and diving about so I got over my disappointment. I could have done with the ball being painted pink so I could have seen it in the sky and for them to have switched off the lights so I didn't blind myself looking for the ball in the sky. I did develop a slight smiling tendency for a lovely looking young chap called 'Croft'. The little clips of music annoyed me with their lack of rational links to the game but it was lovely to see so many children having such good fun and being so interested in the game. It was also magic to sit for three hours in the hot evening sunshine without having to chase a child, change a nappy or do anything. I worked it out, it was out first night out without children since November. I think I earned my sit in the sun watching well toned bottoms and missing the ball.


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    ' . . . and there's a lot of bending down and diving about so I got over my disappointment.' :lol: I am so happy you spent an adult evening together, a pleasant break from the nappy-chasing-feeding-cleaning routine of the past few months, yes? I must admit I prefer my cricketers in classic non-logoed whites so it's the village green for me. DD
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    Ah cricket! SW inhales deeply and relaxes :D

    Wonderful in any format though they are all very different. Steve Croft is a good county cricketer.

    Lycra :shock: No. Sorry to disappoint and horrify mig but this is serious stuff. Some things are more important than just a quick ogle and letch and cricket is one of them :)

    I don't mind whites or pyjamas. As long as there's a bowler at one end, a batsman at the other and 10 fielders I'm happy.

    Pink balls? Isn't white easier to see? Ah, I guess it could have been cloudy. Go to a 4-dayer next time, LV. The balls are red.
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    I am so glad you and Mr LV had such a lovely time out together. I can't think of a lovelier way to have spent your time :)

    Much as we adore our children it's most important not to neglect our spouses or ourselves either.

    As people keep saying to me: "You have to look after number one so you can look after numbers two, three....."


    Toni xxx
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    What a lovely day that was, and no nappies nice to get out some time on your own.bliss...I can only imagine the appreciation :D ...lovely bottoms indeed :lol: xx
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    It was the shock of a sun filled blue Manchester sky which blinded me to the ball. Grey clouds and my eyes would have been accustomed!

    It was nice to take some time out just the two of us (and watch lovely bottoms). Hopefully I will do it again sometime. Due to all our siblings living abroad and Mr LVs folks remaining in Australia (not that you would or could ever leave the girls safely with them) we only have my parents as baby sitters (most friends find the prospect of twins understandably terrifying) so opportunities are limited. Still, we can bank that lovely evening for quite a while!

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