how rude!!!

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The other day after I had picked my daughter up from the airport from her return flight from India we called at a nearby supermarket. She had had henna done on her arms and hands whilst in India. My children do have tattoos which are not on show, I must confess that I am not a fan but they are adults and can make their own decisions. Anyway we were standing at the checkout when the cashier said ooh tatoos! I don't approve of them. I said that they were henna and would wear off. She said "I know what they are, they're horrible and will damage your skin." She carried on in this vein for several minutes in front of a long queue and my embarrassed daughter. As we walked away I said that she (my daughter) had shown great restrain in not telling this biggot where to go. She answered that someone like that wasn't worth the effort. The same supermarket had shortly before been in the newspapers as a member of their staff had smacked a young child for dropping a carrier bag on the floor! We all have our opinions but sometimes we're better off keeping them to ourselves :o


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    It's a good job I wasn't there. I'm covered in tattoos and certainly wouldn't have had the restraint your daughter had :lol:
    I would maybe think of having a word with the manager. I don't know who they think they are saying things such as that to customers. .

    Well done to your daughter though :D
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    I love it when the ignorant display their ignorance. I would have shot back with something along the lines of 'The wrinkles around your eyes show your age,' or 'Why don't you try a shampoo for thinning hair?' If she felt she could be so personal then that gives you tacit permission to reply in kind. DD
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    Henna fades , ignorance and rudeness do not !
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    How calm and dignified of your daughter! I think I'd agree with Tony. If we don't complain, nothing changes. She is paid to check the groceries in a polite, friendly manner not to give her opinions, especially when they're negative ones.
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    Good for your daughter she doesn't need to come down to there level..what on earth had it got to do with them....this makes me so mad... :x
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    I would have found it hard to keep my mouth shut, I would have found myself giving her a right dressing down!! Good on your daughter for being so calm the flight from India must have tired her out. The holiday in India must have really relaxed her!!

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