Eastbourne pier on fire

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It is on the news at the minute that the pier is ablaze :shock: I don't know anything about the place but it looks beautiful.

Such a shame......


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    I have just seen this Tony, we have been to Eastbourne a couple of times, and the pier is the centre of everthing, I do hope they can save it, or there wont be much for the children to do.and its another pier we will lose :cry:
    It a lovely resort, but mainly for couples or me and hubby :)
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    It looked as though only one large section was destroyed.. I do hope it can be saved. I used to love the pier at Skegness... Was a real sad affair when it broke apart during a winter storm.. for many years there was a lonely section broken off out to sea...
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    Recently there was an old wooden pier for sale in my neck of the woods. I was sorely tempted (asking price a few grand) but it would need around 150 grand spent on restoration so I resisted. Imagine, though, having your own, private pier . . . . . . DD
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    This is so sad ; hubby and I were there this week on tuesday and adore Eastbourne ( known as biddybourne by our kids ) . It's a lovely place as everywhere is accessible . The pier has always been well used and is famous for the glass animal man who has had his studio/shop on the pier for as long as we can remember .
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    I'm originally from Portsmouth and I can remember when one of our piers burnt down in the 70's (during the filming of Tommy). Luckily it was rebuilt. There was an interesting interview on the radio today with the owner of the pier in Weston-Super-mare which alsomburnt down a few years ago. It has been rebuilt but it's quite a business as it then has to comply with up to date building regulations so all the supports into the sea bed need to be strengthened and you are no longer allowed slatted floors. She did say the engineers loved it as it was such a challenge and so different to their normal work.
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    The police are now thinking the fire as suspicious,how sad ,lets hope the money cameron has promised IS used to rebuilt.Mig
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    i was in Spain when I saw it on the news. I was born in Eastbourne and spent many a night on the pier dancing and know people who have businesses on the pier too so this has been sad news.