Arnie is a clever boy!!

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Over the last couple of weeks my ever growing Arnie puss has figured out how to jump on the fence and climb on to the 2 sheds at the side of our house. He has been enjoying sunning himself up on the shed roof which we wasn't too worried about. But yesterday afternoon we couldn't find him any where then we heard this little meowing at the front door low and behold it was Arnie looking proud of himself for climbing over the 2nd shed and down on to the drive of our house! And the rest of yesterday he got himself on to the front of the house a further 3 times! Luckily my OH spotted him sniffing around the front of the house all 3 times. So now I'll be worrying at night that he is okay. Funnily enough Willow isn't bothered by the fence and jumping on it or climbing on the shed with Arnie. She prefers the garden and all the treasures she can catch!


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    Cats can be very determined when they want to be

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