Is it me or am I just getting old?

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My neighbor has a teenage daughter around 17yrs old. Whenever I see her she is always in her pajamas, pajamas & housecoat or onesie! I mean alday not just in the morning I mean lunchtime and evening as well! This morning at 10am her boyfriend came and picked her up she was in a onesie and slipper boots climbed in his car disappeared and then 15 minutes later came back with a Macdonalds breakfast and went back in the house. Her friends turn up in onesies at the weekend and I assume she's having a sleepover! Is it me or is it the fashion at the moment?


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    Going out in pyjamas/onesies seems to be somewhat fashionable at present - who knows why? I`ve read of parents turning up to school in jamas, to drop their children off!

    I haven`t actually come across anyone dressed like this in person, but we have a post-box opposite our house, and as I was putting clothes into our wardrobe a few weeks ago I watched a teenager walk down the street in her jamas to post a letter.
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    Standards have dropped haven't they?

    The only time any of us leaves the house in PJs is when I have taken Lucy to the hospital in hers when she's ill and it's an emergency.

    I heard on the radio that one As*a in the country banned people going into the store in nightwear! and one school requesting parents don't drop their kids off to school in theirs, (not the kids the parents!) :shock: Imagine them needing to?

    Ah well.......


    Toni xxx

    Toni xxx
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    You'd never catch me outside in pyjamas! Although I drew the line when next door's house caught fire!

    My 10 year old loves her onesie's and wears them whenever she can but always at home. I do think its a fashion fad for teens at the moment.

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    Confession time.
    I have twice gone to work in my jim-jams. Once was at school on a world book day, the other was in my younger, and much slimmer days when I had a part time job in a disco and I went to work in what used to be called a baby doll nightie (it was naughty nightie night) and won the staff competition.
    I will add that on both occasions I had underwear on underneath my nightwear!
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    I'm with Toni standards have dropped..young girls used to look so feminine..Im going back to the 50s and 60s.. ...and young men used to be so smart..suppose I am getting old but standards are slipping or gone all together..cant believe the young girl got in her boyfriends acre in the onesie that she had slept in.. :o we saw a young man and girl both in theirs holding hands in the pub..I had to laugh they both had tails.. :lol:
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    Hahaha! Slosh :wink:

    You have an interesting past :D At least you wore undies and well-done for winning the staff prize!

    Barbara, something you wore all night isn't going to be too fresh is it? :?

    I like the 'tails' story though. Kinda cute, but I must say my 'pet' hate has to be male persons in them....Eeeeuuuwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Personal opinion only of course :shock:


    Toni xxx

    Toni xxx
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    I don't mind what people wear, indoors or out - onesies, PJs, nighties - as long as they're clean on and not something they've slept in all night. The word 'self-respect' comes to mind.
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    I wish it were just a teen thing, I've seen a few people around here wearing their PJs in the street. Not something I would ever choose to do. That said, I am not sure why other than my nightwear feeling private - then again, that thing about lads with their jeans pulled down so you can see their pants - another no no for me. I just want to hoike them up rather than take a look.
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