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hello everyoneim new here and understand what you all are going through,i live with constant pain of arthritis in my neck shoulders hands wrists,and have just got gout which is realy painful,the pain killers dont work anymore im in aberporth wales just moved here 3 mths ago nanybody near me ,cheers micky


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    Hi Micky. I just wanted to welcome you but I'm in a rush :)

    I'm wondering what you take for your gout and if you've ever seen a rheumatologist.

    Here is the Arthritis Care info on Wales. You might find a local branch. http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/InyourArea/Wales/Branches

    Sorry, I have to go.
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    Hello Micky

    Nice to meet you, this is a great forum with lots of knowledge and support. If you have any questions or need to vent post on LWA or for the fun and non arthritis post on CC, hope to see you around................Marie x
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    Hello, I apologise for not dropping in before but I am away on holiday at the moment so not up-to-date. It is nice to meet you, my husband gets the occasional blast of gout and I can see the discomfort he has. I have two kinds of arthritis and it's not easy at times. DD
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