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I'm 42 and I've been told I have OA in my right hip, and in my lower back on either side of my spine and that it's likely that I have it in my fingers. Plus i have other joint issues my shoulders hurt when doing things such as sewing, my neck grinds and my knees are sometimes so painful I'm in agony walking downstairs. I was referred to a Rheumatologist who said that I don't have RA and discharged me.

I was so fed up and in pain and suffering with stiffness I finally got a referral to the Musculorskeletal department which I had today and I thought they were going to look at all of my joint issues - how wrong was I? It turns out it was an appointment with a Hip surgeon who said that my hip doesn't need replacing yet and I should continue taking my 10mg of amitriptyline as well as ibrubrofen/paracetmal when needed and go back in a year. I'm not daft I know I don't need a hip operation yet so it was a total waste of time.

I'm not one who complains easily I often say I'm ok when asked even though I'm not, but I was so upset after this appointment that I cried all the way into work. Somebody else I know has had shoulder pain and was offered a scan! Why am I finding it so hard to get firm answers, I feel like giving up and just putting up with the pain and put it down to something I have to deal with for the rest of my life but I also want asnwers I'm just so mentally exhausted with it all should I give up or should I push for further tests? I really don't know if it's worth it or not, I'm just so fed up of feeling like I'm old with my creaky/achy/painful joints. I'd love to get advice from somebody who's been through this also.


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    When we have expectations of something and they turn out quite differently it can be very disappointing. You clearly had high hopes of the musculo-skeletal clinic and it must have been a big let-down to find you were simply being assessed for a hip operation.

    I would assume, and hope, that the rheumatologist didn't just check for RA. There are a lot of other auto-immune types of arthritis. Your rheumatologist seems satisfied that you don't have any and that your pain is from OA which is always dealt with by a GP. I'm not sure what help a scan would be in your case. You know you have OA and it does move into other joints. Should you push for other tests? Tests for what? Sorry, I don't understand.

    OA is a degenerative, progressive disease. We can do a lot to help ourselves – sensible exercise, a healthy diet, pain relief, distraction etc etc (Read some of Arthritis Care's booklets) but it doesn't go away. It sounds as if you have, up to now, enjoyed good health and would like to get back to that state, Unfortunately, it just doesn't work like that. We have to make the most of what we have. It might help you to read the thread above on 'Acceptance'.
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    It all seems so unfair at times, as at 40 I too suddenly have stiffness and pain where before there were none. I understand what you mean about answers, I have learnt from my own experiences that there is some disappointment and a long drawn process to get them. But it's not all doom and gloom! Acceptance is hard, but hopefully some will come.

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    It is a shame when you pin your faith in a long-awaited hospital appointment, and don`t really get the answers you were hoping for.

    It may be worth trying a different anti-inflammatory, if you don`t feel the ibuprofen is very efficient - there are others that your GP could give you, which may work better. If you are going to be taking them long-term, then a stomach protector such as omeprazole might be a good idea.

    Tezz x
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    We would all like answers but in the case arthritis there aren't any. I have an auto-immune and the joint damage that caused has led to OA in some very useful joints. My two have steadily progressed and degenerated my joints because that is what they do. I began aged 37, now I'm 55: age has nothing to do with arthritis, the youngest one I remember reading about on this forum was 18 months old.

    There is not much to be done for OA apart from pain dullers and maybe an anti-inflammatory med. When the time comes for surgery (if the joint is one that can be replaced) then that may alleviate matters a great deal - in the meantime it is a case of PUASU (put up and shut up) because that is what we have to do. It seems outrageous that in the 21st century we go to docs because we have a disease, we take meds and don't get better but that is our reality. It is difficult to come to terms with that. DD
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    Hi Kazzab,

    I'm sorry you're having such a tough time at the moment. Coming to terms with an arthritis diagnosis can be very difficult indeed, while feeling disappointed after an appointment doesn't help matters, of course. I'm not surprised you cried all the way to work afterwards.

    Just picking up on Tezz's mention of medication, I wonder whether it might be useful for you to make an appointment with your GP – maybe a double appointment, so there's enough time to address all your questions. Tezz is right, there are other meds available and some might be better for easing your stiffness and pain. I do hope so :)

    Best wishes,
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    I'm sorry your appointment was so disappointing.
    Its awful when you go with high hopes and get sent away with information you already knew.
    Well.....if it is OA its a gP who deals with it until surgery is necessary.
    Usually with painkillers/dullers and you have tohelp yourself with all the self help things that are about.
    Take it from one that knows :lol:
    I cant take amitriptyline {sp} clashes with another med I take}
    I'm on paracetamol and naproxen and that's it {apart from blood pressure etc but for pain that's it.
    Have you had a look at the books from arthritis care?
    They have changed them ....not as many as there used to be but they are amalgamated.......check the front page of the website, if not ring the helpline and they'll send you some out.
    Once again I'm sorry it was such a disappointing appointment