Cracking Appointment, Gromit!

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Well, unable to book in with Doc Gorgeous I had to settle for Doc Thorough-but-Fun. And his student. I'm guessing his afternoon was essentially for helping the student, with the patients being a necessary tool, as time didn't seem to be a factor.

First, the sweet little lass (3rd Yr Medics are looking younger :o ) asked if we could go into a separate room to talk. I'd to explain to her who I was and why I was there. Then we moved into Doc TbutF's room and she had to tell him all that I'd told her. Then we got down to business.

Sensibly, he agreed with me :wink: that the low haemoglobin is almost certainly due to a combination of disease and meds. He also agreed that, if a further blood test showed I had managed to get my levels up by diet alone, I could probably cancel the endoscopy and just have some iron pills. He said it'd be a good idea to check more Vit levels in the blood too. It was all going beautifully to plan but what he did next was even better :D

He checked with reception to ensure that the van hadn't yet come to take all today's blood samples to the hospital and, on hearing it hadn't, got the student to do my bloods there and then :o (My veins were uncharacteristically kind to her :D ) Finally, he asked if it'd be OK for him to ring with the results on Monday morning and we could take it from there and decide if the endoscopy was really needed. That was more than OK for me. I could have hugged him if Mr SW hadn't been sitting opposite me (next to the bin labelled General Waste :wink: )

So, General Waste and I returned home happy. Tonight I'm going to celebrate with the veggie lasagne I made earlier. Not a speck of meat in sight :D:D


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    Oh that is a cracking appointment. Enjoy your week earned lasagne. Seems Dr Gorgeous was maybe Dr Gorgeous but too enthusiastic.

    General waste :lol::lol::lol:
  • Slosh
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    So pleased for you Sticky
  • Megrose489
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    That's really good news, Sticky. Enjoy your lasagne. :D

  • mig
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    Well done your Stickyness.

    General Waste. :lol::lol::lol:
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    Fantabulous news , Sticky - I for one think you have done so well with eating liver when a vegetarian :shock: but needs must, yes? What a luxury in having a non-timed appointment (yet again you find another way to make us feel envious :wink: ).

    I am considering a move to Yorkshire due to better scenery, better-looking docs, better everything. DD
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    I got such a quick referral and diagnosis in a similar fashion - was offered my initial gp appointment with a registrar who was doing her gp training, and then agreed to the appointment being videoed, as I thought she would make sure to dot every I and cross every T! At my next appointment with her, they asked if I minded one of the partners sitting in to observe - agreed again, for same reasons! Strategy worked!
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    :lol::lol::lol: general waste you are a star turn Sticky. What an appointment I am so pleased for you and more so if you can cancel the endoscopy. Enjoy your lasagne washed down with a glass of CB or two you deserve it. xx
  • theresak
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    I'm really pleased for you, Sticky - had you not had RA you might have leapt up in the air with glee! Being unable to do that make sure you enjoy your lasagne, and here's to a phone call bringing good news on Monday.

    Tezz x
  • Nikkijamie
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    Great news x x
  • dreamdaisy
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    It's just dawned on me that Mr SW has been promoted to GW. I rather like it. :) DD
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    Thanks everyone. The lasagne was lovely but without any CB, Marie, as we have friends coming for a meal tonight so yesterday was a 'rest day :x

    'Leaping up in the air'?, Tezz. Nope, that doesn't sound like me :lol:

    General Waste has just popped down the High St :wink:
  • bubbadog
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    Glad you had a fab appointment and you enjoyed your lasagne!!
  • barbara12
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    Oh SW you always make me laugh, I am very glad the appoimnt went well, it makes such a difference when your consultant is interested in whats going on..goid luck with the results x
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    Sticky, I'm pleased it well well.
    I do have to say, however, that I now have a mental picture of your beloved trotting down your High Street resembling 'Dusty Bin' from that 3-2-1 programme that was on ITV years ago. (am showing my age now). Hope you're not offended by my comparison!
  • stickywicket
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    Of course I'm not offended, Grace. (He's a bit bigger than Dusty Bin, though :wink: )

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