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Hi everyone.
Just joined this site today after speaking to one of the advisors..
I have O.Arthritis and had a hip resurfaced at 28.
Recently I have been suffering quite badly in other ( or most) areas and just would like to see how other deal with the pain and lifestyle changes as I've never really spoken to anyone other than a consultant about this .
Thanks :D


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    Hello to you, Stuhb, it's lovely to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I'm an aged hag of 55 with two kinds of arthritis (I began with psoriatic and the joint damage from that has led to OA) and am eighteen years in with the whole malarkey. The Living With Arthritis board on here is where we deal with meds, docs, side-effects, appointments, tips and hints on making life easier, offer support and encouragement, and it's also where one can post a moan or a rant knowing that your readers will understand.

    I felt a huge sense of relief when I found the forum because I was the only one in our social group who had arthritis (I still am) but then to find others who were in similar boats was very helpful for me. I hope we can help you with information and support - I look forward to seeing your name here and there around the boards and I wish you well. DD
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    Hello and welcome from me, too :) Like DD, I did the double - RA and OA in my case - and had my first knee replacements at 35.

    You'll find we're a friendly, encouraging lot on here and I hope you'll feel able to join in on any thread or pose your own questions if you have any. Living With Arthritis and Chit Chat are where most of us hang out. I'll look forward to seeing your name around :D
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    Thank you both for the warm welcome !
    Its good to know there's a place to share experiences and knowledge as well as have a natter .

    Thanks again :)