spinal sclerosis

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I have spinal sclorosis in my thoracic and lumber spine and very bad cervical spondylosis from c2-t1. I don't know why my spine is so bad but I known that at the moment I am in terrible pain. I am taking tramadol as through they are paracetamol at the moment. Just feeling sorry for myself and wondering what pain relief I can go on tramadol not having much effect last couple of months. I also take 150mg of amitriptyline at night. Jan


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    I don't have spinal problems but, if the dullers aren't working, do go back to your GP, Jan. There are other options and I hope you can find something better for you.
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    Oh dear, this does not sound good, I am sorry. :( For what it's worth I think you need to contact those who are in charge of your medical care. Bearing in mind that I am not a doc I wonder if patches could be a better answer for you? They are strong, and ergo not to be abused, but they may provide an answer. I wish you well. DD
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