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Hi I'm a new member, would just like to know if somebody who suffers with arthritis in ankle, both knees, right hip and in spine and neck would be entitled to DLA or pip, even though they have own business, that is suffering due to the agony and can't be as involved in it as they were, but has been told to try to walk without the stick and is taking lots of pain killers and trying to carry on and when over does it has to stay in for a couple of days, needs help putting on socks and shoes and going to the toilet in the night, due to weak bladder sustained by the hospital porter catching the catheter on a door, should have their DLA removed and then has to go through the appeal process and be taken to court by the DWP and faces the prospect of going to prison all because some idiot decided to drive their car whilst working a double shift and falling a sleep at the wheel and mounting the pavement and running someone over, sustains injuries, which leave someone in constant pain that the DWP tell that person that they don't have a right to this, how does one prove arthritis, when doctors can clearing see that it is present and is not claiming any other benefits, only claiming this to help with going to hospital, parking etc, medication. I am the carer of this person and am up in the night up to 5 times as he is sometimes too stiff to get out of the bed, but how do I prove that I do this for him, these people are not in my home, they can't see that not only is the arthritis sufferer suffering, with not only the pain, but the depression that chronic pain also brings on, the carer is absolutely shattered as not only are they in pain, they also suffer with depression and to see how broken a person becomes as it is hard for the sufferer to come to terms with the condition as they were always very active prior to accident and very hands on in the business. We've always believed that you have to try and keep trying and not give up, can't have new knee as there is a risk that wont ever be able to walk again as quad muscles got damaged and don't work at all on right leg all very frustrating and accessing nhs treatment is a joke!


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    Hello suellen

    Welcome to Arthritis Care Forums. As mods we are here to help with any problems you may have on the message boards.

    There are lots of lovely people here with a wide range of experiences with arthritis and the problems of living with the condition. Just join in wherever you like you will be made very welcome.

    I look forward to seeing you posting on the boards.

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    Oh dear, suellen! Your frustration, pain and anger come over so clearly but, owing to the way you have wriitten this - all in one, long sentence - I'm struggling to work out the facts. Here's what I think you're saying:

    1. Your OH has arthritis in several joints.

    2. He has his own business.

    3. His DLA has been stopped and he is appealing this.

    4. He is being taken to court by the DWP and could face prison. (Is this relevant to his DLA / PIP claim or just an additional stress?)

    I suggest you enlist the aid of CAB with the claim and your GP with the depression you are both suffering from. On a purely practical front, there are many aids for dressing in all disability aid shops. ( I use most of them :roll: Plus, from the same source, I'd invest in a male portable urinal for the night shift. Not an ideal situation but many a time I have wished I were a man so that this would be an option.

    As for accessing NHS treatment, there's not a great deal available - physio, hydro, pain clinics.... At the end of the day we all just have to find ways of adapting our lives to the arthritis and tryng not to let it dominate everything. It's an ongoing and difficult process.

    Please post again on the Living With Arthritis forum where I'm sure you'll get more support.
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    I just get so angry with the situation we find ourselves in, I have tried to get an antidepressant for myself, but my GP says there addictive and so wont prescribe for me and so I have to just get on with it.

    Our situation arose from my husband getting run over and although I would imagine he probably had arthritis before the accident he didn't seem to have any symptoms prior to being knocked over. He was a very fit man and although we have own building business, he was always very hands on and although he tries, he suffers the for a couple of days after. I know he needs to do little and then rest, but someone who has been left with a small brain injury and dizziness, forgets all this on his good days and then suffers for it.

    We feel very let down and because he is trying to keep going we are penalised by our own country, it seems that not only does he have to suffer chronic pain all over his body, including the headaches the DWP are hounding us and so the stress this is causing, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy!
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    I'm someone who has two kinds of arthritis, an auto-immune and the joint damage from that has led to osteoarthritis in both ankles, both knees and both hips. My wrists are also playing up. I guess that your chap has osteo and yes, there is not a great deal to be done for it, it is a case of putting and shutting up. OA is very common, it is debilitating and depressing for both the patient and the person caring for that patient; any form of arthritis affects everyone within the family group, it's not selective. GPs deal with it, the common medications are pain relief and maybe an anti-inflammatory tablet (which, if going to be along-term treatment, should be accompanied by a stomach-protector drug).

    The portable urinal sounds like a good solution - when I was unable to access our ground floor bathroom I resorted to using a wide-mouthed jug and an empty four pint milk bottle - a faff but easier than trying to negotiate two flights of steep stairs! :lol:

    Your GP is being very unsympathetic to you, he is living with medical theory whereas you are living with a very grim reality. Is there another doctor you could see in the practice who might be a little more considerate? I take a small dose of Citalopram every day, I was initially given it for depression when my OA was diagnosed back in 2011 and, when I wanted to come off it, my rheumatologist pointed out that if I am a little stronger mentally then I can cope better with the pain. She is right. The stress of being a carer is not to be underestimated - are there other family members who may be able to help out every now and again to give you a break? DD
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    I'm sorry you are both in so much mental and physical pain. Arthritis is a horrible disease and no-one deserves it-neither your OH nor any of us nor, especially, the little children on here.

    We are all guilty of overdoing things. I have over 50 years of arthritis behind me and, unlike your OH, no brain injury, but I still choose to overdo things at times even though I know what the consequences will be. It's human nature.

    Stress only makes arthritis worse. So does anger. Although your anger is understandable, letting go of it will help, if you can manage that. We have to adapt our lives to arthritis as it will never adapt to us. Your OH will not be the first on here to have to give up his business nor the last. I'm sorry to be so blunt but that is a fact. Disability is very hard on the wallet.

    As I said before, if you're going to appeal do enlist the aid of CAB. They are good and helpful. I wish you well.