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hi I am an exhausted carer with arthritis and my hubby also has arthritis too! I have just had a hip replacement! But now I am never going to have another op after having been through a tough time! We are both on walking sticks and the social service s have stopped our care package! So we just have to muddle through! I am so annoyed as there is no help for a carer at all! Sorry rant over! Regards Amanda h


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    I'm sorry to hear you had problems with your THR, Amanda. I presume you mean post-op rather than your pre-op anxiety. What were the difficulties? Is all resolved now?

    I'm also sorry to hear about your care package. Does this mean your husband's care allowance has been stopped? Surely not :o I know you wanted to take him with you on your carer's holiday and I didn't think that was either likely or in your own best interests but surely the carer's allowance will remain?
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    They may be of the view that a THR will have helped you and if that is not the case can you get in touch with them and let them know? Was the care package put in place for the THR recovery time and that has now passed? Were you unhappy about the care your Husband received while you were in hospital?

    Is your home in need of any aids like a stairlift or a wet room that would make your life easier as the OT department should help you there but that should come through Social services.

    I'm guessing you are feeling abondoned and left to get on with it!

    In my local area we have Hillingdon carers and they give advice and support with a few respite activiites for carers. We have Crossroads care who provide carers but again you need to be assessed. I phoned them direct to get an assessment.

    Elizabeth x
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    Hello Amanda I am so sorry you had a rough time with your THR..I do feel for you ,I had a THR and it was mostly fine and I would have been so scared had it gone wrong.
    Have you told them about this at your 6 weeks post op,then they can access what has gone wrong...and like Elizabeth says there is help out there but you need to shout for it...I think your GP is a good place to start..they have all the flyers from all the organizations..I do wish you well and hope you get the help you need..please let us know how you get on..