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Ok I have been asked to attend a sickness review meeting in work regarding my time of sick,which I am now on a stage 2.

It is with the head of operation high up person what I am to expect,what will they do ect..

What gets me though is there are people in there with worse sick records than what I have and they haven't even been pull in for a sickness review meeting I am puzzled.


  • Sarahd1609
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    I am also under review by my workplace as have had 3 instances of sick leave in last 12 months due to PsA. It's annoying as others don't get pulled up on their attendance record. I have a horrible feeling they will make me reduce hours which I can't afford. Xx
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    I am now medically retired (I'm 46) due to RA. As far as I'm aware they cannot force you to reduce your hours, i was asked but refused as I knew I would have to stop working soon and I was thinking of my pension. Because of my sickness record, declining health and inability to do my job (even getting to work on time) I collapsed at work one day, due to the pain and exertion of walking to the office from the car park ( about 40 yards). I was very quickly (within 3 hours) offered medical retirement, subject to medical reports, which I was in no way worried about. After the occ health assessment the doctor said it was very clear as soon as I asked my hubby to help take my coat off (along with many other things) that I was unable to work.
    Talking of sickness levels. I was absent (on and off) for a total of over 5 years in a ten year period. I didn't take days off I took years off lol. Apparently, they have to keep your job open.
    The truth was I was a nuisance and they couldn't wait to get rid of me.
    My advice is do your research and don't jump into anything without getting advice and think and plan your future as much as you can. With my esa and private pension I am no worse off than when I was working.

    Wishing you luck
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    Are you in a union at all? I found them really helpful with advice and they attended meetings with me. I was also medically retired at 45 due to RA and the union rep helped me to retire on my terms. Good luck - let us know how you get on

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