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We have recently moved into a 2 bed bungalow from a 3 bed house. Can't find anything and anything not in normal places! But what the heck! No more stairs, feels strange not going upstairs to bed but in a good way. We'll spend the next numerous months getting some order into things! Will keep us busy


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    Congratulations! Yes, it'll be a big, long slog to unpack everything but the lack of stairs will make an enormous difference. We moved to our dormer bungalow years ago when our sons were young and my original knees very old :wink: They slept upstairs and we slept downstairs. I've never regretted it for one moment.
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    lindamay hopefully you have got the worse over with ..its a dread of mine, but getting nearer by the enjoy your bungalow... :D
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    Welcome to your New Home Lindamay

    You have definitely made the right decision!



    Toni xx
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    Hello Lindamay
    we have lived in our bungalow 14 years now its so much easier when you have a wheelchair we were in a flat before.
    you enjoy it
    joan xx
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    Thank you all for your good wishes. We are wading our way through things now slowly. The pressure of the move is off and we can do some sorting out each day. It is beginning to feel like home as I put up family photos and ornaments. But we still need to sort through a lot of things and do a visit to the charity shop. Its hard trying to be ruthless with sentimental things. It is easier not struggling with stairs. Will get there eventually!
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    Hope you are very happy in your new home.

    We moved to a bungalow 5 years ago and it was strange at first not "going upstairs to bed" but I certainly don't miss struggling with stairs!

    I well remember the chaos that moving entailed. I also remember how much stuff we had to get rid of. We went from a 3 bed detached house (with a conservatory) to a 2 bed semi detached bungalow. We "lost" a dining room, a ground floor cloakroom, a third bedroom and the conservatory. Losing those rooms meant we had to get rid of furniture that we could no longer use, including a beautiful dining suite that we just couldn't get into our new place. :(

    We are very happy here now and I certainly couldn't manage in a house. Once you are settled in, I'm sure you'll reap the benefits of not struggling with stairs. (It's also a lot quicker when you have to hoover through!).

    I hope the rest of your treasured possessions find natural places to sit in your new home.

    Take care,
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    We moved in December 2013 to a house that has an upstairs but I don't have to use it because everything I need is on the ground floor. He acquired from his wish-list a detached house in a far more pleasant setting, a drive and a double garage. On my wish-list was a utility room - I'm still wishing but physical life is so much easier than before. Cleaning is a doddle (I bought a cordless vac and can do the entire ground floor in 15 minutes). We didn't down-size, if anything we up-sized but don't regret it for one moment, going upstairs to bed was a very easily broken habit.

    Good luck with the sorting and clearing, nearly two years on I am still chucking stuff out - it's a long process and there's no need to have it all done within weeks, well, not in my world there isn't! DD
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    Glad you're feeling more settled. I am quite a good declutterer. As a child twice yearly my Father and I would sort out my bedroom to get rid of unwanted clothes etc and when my daughter was younger I would do a toy/clothes sort out with her in November so there would be room for Father Christmas to bring her new things.

    Mind you having been in my current house for 14 years and hopefully for at least another 6 I'm dreading the big sort out when I do finally move.
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    I think I did a bit too much on the garden this week. Had a bad day yesterday, Problem is I enjoy gardening (although I am no expert!) and don't realise at the time. Its during the night and next morning I suffer. There is a lot of work to do and I MUST RESTRICT MYSELF! This arthritis is strange thing. It started in my hip but now I feel it in my wrists and the middle finger on my right hand. (I am left handed) It frustrates me as I want to do so much more in my mind and I know I can't.

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