Rheumatology Apt today!

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Hi Everyone, good news this virus has left at last, just in time for this afternoon's Rheumatology appointment. I can't believe how fast this year has flown by! A week tomorrow my bunion operation will be here and before you know it Christmas!! :zombie-cat:


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    Good luck tomorrow, Bubba!
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    Hope it all went well for you bubba..and so glad the virus has eased...Christmas....blimey I had better get shopping ..mind you its all done on the shopping channels or net :) ..hope the results are good..
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    I'm pleased to hear you've kicked that virus to the curb. I hope your appt went as well as these things can go. My lovely neighbour is in her 90s and had a bunion op. recently, she had a great result and speedy recovery. Best of luck and please keep us updated.
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    Just wanted to say a quick 'hope it all goes well and not too painful and you have a good quick recovery'- also your very brave having a bunion op. I am going to be having a bunion op sometime in the near ish future so will be/have been following your post for a while. Once your feeling up to it (only if you can) let us all know how you get on..might make me feel a little braver! :)


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