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Back in June when I was having difficult walking and with pain the doc referred me to physiotherapist, podiatry and rheumatologist.

It was over 4 months I was not able to walk properly or exercise. I saw the podiatry twice and rheumy once. End of September I began to get relief doing what I thought might help me most and using the orthotic insoles from podiatry. During that time I also chased up the physio appointment 3 times. Without result.

I don't have a problem walking any more. Xray showed arthritis in knee and foot and some osteopenie.

Today I get the letter from NHS, Great Western Hospital Physio Department with reference number, inviting me to telephone a national number to arrange an appointment date.

Now I am thinking shall I just do the normal thing and say:

- I don't need the appointment now.

- Should I make an appointment to get advice on their recommendations on what I should do, should it happen again.


- Would that be mean when someone else in greater need could use the appointment for current ongoing pain.


- I'll kick myself if it starts again in coming months if I don't seek advice I guess.

What do you think?


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    I would be inclined to take the appointment. You might get helpful information for future use and/or to maintain the progress you've already made. Physiotherapy and podiatry should complement each other, but if for some reason you end up with differing opinions it's not necessarily a big problem since it's your body and your decision as to what you feel works best for you.
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    I think it best to make the appointment, it's better to stay within the system that to shut oneself out because it can take an age to get back in. Forget philanthropy (although noble) use this appointment for your current and future needs. DD
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    Hi, I would make an appointment. I think the physio would be beneficial and show you exercises to help keep the muscles strong in the back, knees and legs and can only be of a benefit. Some physio departments also offer things like free pilates classes (like i am doing at the moment), this can help with any future ailments. They have also helped me with things like posture and pacing myself so not to further damage a joint and not put too much stress on a joint that i think would be helpful to you :)
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    Thanks guys for the helpful input, its really appreciated. I've decided to go ahead a make the appointment and get any advice I can, it would be good if there is a pilates referral, but I guess I'll have to wait and see if its available. I will ask about it though :)

    x x x
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    Hi Jen glad you have decided to take the appointment, its good to be harmed with has much info as possible..make a list of any questions you might have..good luck

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