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I am looking for work and I am quite sure that some of you have had the same problem as I am having.
I am having problems getting work due to my arthritis, I have other problems but these are not visible and I have been declared fit to work. Interviewers and managers make assumptions about me of what I can and cannot do.
I am fully mobile, with no mobility aids and look after myself and do not get any PIP.
I am realistic in what I can and cannot do and would not apply to do jobs that are beyond my capability.
Of course I understand that managers have to think of their staff's safety and therefore they cannot take unnecessary risks.
I am also very petite for my age and I believe this makes it harder. I am looking to work in a shop, mainly on the till. Or reception work, but this normally requires experience.
I have been on one work experience placement and one mandatory work activity group. I am wondering if any of you have any ideas how to overcome these barriers so that I can show people that I can do these things.
I am volunteering in one charity shop for a few hours a week, mainly on the till, which I find rewarding and the staff and volunteers there are supportive.


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    Have you looked here?

    There might be something of use.
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    Hi Petal57,

    I would not disclose my arthritis and depression at interview or at any point of the application process, unless it was for an organisation that was actively promoting being positive towards disabled people, or if I thought it would help my application in some way.
    Disability should not form part of the application process - I'm pretty sure this is against the law - as is not employing someone based on their age, sex, or other 'protected characteristic'.
    I would carry on applying for jobs which you would like to do and you match the person spec. - Your suitability for a job should be judged on your ability to carry out the job. It's more difficult if there are parts of the job which you would have problems with because of your health, but I would check out ACAS and for advice. You are probably protected by the Equality Act - I'd check this out too :)
    Good luck!
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    Thank you both for your advice it has been really useful. An update is that I am meeting an advisor in a local centre, that supports people who have problems to get back to work, just after the New Year. She knows all about the issues that I have and the problems I have faced in getting work.

    This lady, whom I have met once before, is very nice and is going to concentrate on what I can do and not what I cannot do.

    I am looking forward to working with this lady and I also have a group assessment interview on the 5 January, through the job centre, for a supermarket that is opening up in our town in the near future.

    A Happy New Year to you all
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