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After three days of continuously pulling up my trousers following phase one of my weight loss plan I gave in today, went into a well known high street clothes retailer which has been around for a long time and purchased a pair of black, bootleg trousers a size smaller than I'd been wearing. :lol::lol:

I had an old pair in my wardrobe in the same smaller size so they'll be fine for when I'm not at work, and the new ones will be for work and when I'm out and about etc. It was so nice going past the bigger size!

My old (larger trousers) are in a drawer now. I'll be having a good sort out of my wardrobe in the next few days, seeing what fits me (and more likely what now re-fits me!), decide what I want to keep and what can be donated to charity.

So I'll my bed tomorrow will very quickly look like a work of art in an art gallery for a while and I'll be knackered afterwards, but at least I'll have my "capsule wardrobe" sorted out! I may then have a little trip to the January sales with my Christmas money.

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    How exiting!!!

    Now that is physical proof that you are winning the battle!!!!!!!!!

    I am so pleased for you - don't forget to keep the biggest pair to remind you visually how far you've come :D


    Toni xxx
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    you have done brilliant Grace and how good to get in smaller trouser ..even if they are can soon get a new wardrobe...x
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    I love having a sort and chuck out. but its been a very long time since I lost any weight.

    Elizabeth x
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    Fantastic and well done.

    I know what it is like losing a lot of weight. I am a big lad and a few years ago I did a massive change in my food, this was to help my colitis and the weight was falling off then I slipped 5 disks and the meds they put me on gives weight gain. Bugger.

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  • GraceB
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    Thank you James.

    I've had a good sort out of my wardrobe, and said "hello again" to some old 'friends' I found in there and which are now coming out of their hibernation. In addition, I have a full charity bag ready to either get to a charity shop or put out for collection, whichever happens first.

    I also now have a wonderful excuse to visit the January sales briefly and get one or two items.

    Turn a negative into a positive!