Today is ..............

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.............our 44th wedding anniversary. After all these years shouldn`t my dear hubby know where to put the tea towel when he`s finished using it? Or be able to replace an empty kitchen roll?

It`s a good job I love him.


  • mig
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    Congratulations hope you have a great day. Mig
  • stickywicket
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    I'm not convinced you've quite got the hang of marriage, Tezz :wink:

    Mine's back in polo necks for the winter and I'm trying to coach him into leaving them in a 'dryable' position by insisting it is his arm which goes down the wet, clingy, inside out sleeve, after it's been washed, rather than mine.If he'd leave the whole thing either right side out or wrong side out - no problem. But one sleeve one way and the other sleeve the other (because that's how he finds it easiest to remove them) is a problem. He insists it's the washing machine that's to blame. In which case we have a sexist washing machine as it doesn't do it to mine.

    A very happy wedding anniversary to you both :D
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    Many matters domestic remain a mystery to the male of the species mainly because they don't do them. The important thing is you two have stuck together through thick and thin so many congratulations to you both - here's to the next 44 years! I hope you enjoyed any celebrations that took place. DD
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    Thank you ladies - we had a nice lunch booked and paid for by our sons, in a nice quiet hotel,where the deer wander about outside and we happily indulged in a bout of nostalgia.
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    Well, I can see that I'm still in training to be a good husband, when does training finish???? :mrgreen::mrgreen:
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    when does training finish????
    When you've learnt it all of course - daft question!
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    Many congratulations to both of you..I gave up years ago..mind you lately he seem to be grasping the idea of ironing...and says it therapeutic... :shock: :lol: so come on ladies send round your ironing..

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