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Well, another pound has disappeared. :lol: So that half pound from the trifle on Xmas day which showed up last week has gone, plus another half a pound! Good news!

I'm now two and a half pounds off having lost 2 stone. It'd be lovely to get to that before my gallbladder op, but I seem to be averaging 1-2 lbs a week. However, we'll see what next week's weigh in brings. If I don't get to the 2 stone point, it won't be for the want of trying and I'll not be that far off.

I have my pre-op appointment Friday for my gallbladder op so I will copy the pages of my SW book where it shows my weight loss history. This way I can evidence where I was, the journey I've been on since September and where I am at the moment. It's still not ideal, but I really feel that having lost this weight should help with the surgery.

I've organised with my SW class leader that she'll "void" the week after my op as there's no way I'll be able to weigh in 4 days after my op but I'll be back to class the week after that. My lovely neighbour has said I can have a lift with her when she goes to weigh in - she goes on Monday afternoons and with SW you can switch days you weigh in. I'm so lucky to have such a caring neighbour.

I value greatly the support and encouragement I've had from you all - thank you.



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    Grace you must be very proud of yourself to say the least.. :D it will help with your op..and I am sure you will be spurred on after it...good luck and I hope your recovery goes well..xx
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    Well done. Mig
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    Grace you are doing so well despite the naughty trifle ;)

    I hope you manage the 2stone this time, but if not you might loose a little post-op??? remember they starve you!!!

    I am pleased that you have a lovely neighbour too :cheesygrin:


    Toni xxx
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    Well done again, Grace. I hope I'm not too late to wish you well for the pre-op.
  • GraceB
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    Yet again, thank you for your encouragement.

    I've had a "bonus" today in that during my pre-op assessment for my gallbladder op, I had to be weighed at the hospital. Since Wednesday's weigh in, it looks like I've lost another pound! I now have to hope that this is reflected in my weigh in next Wednesday. If it is, and I can manage to lose more between now and then, I may be able to get near to - or reach - my self-set target of losing 2 stones before my gallbladder op!

    SW - thanks for your good wishes. The pre-op went well.

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    Hi Grace
    I've been off the forum for a bit so missed the start of your weightloss journey with SW, but wanted to say well done! It looks like you are doing brilliantly with it. I think I went to the same organisation as you and it was great (although I had a few up and down weeks :lol::lol: )

    If it helps with the motivation I hit my target a few months ago and apart from putting on a few pounds over Christmas which I was more than happy to do (and they are coming off according to plan), I have found that I can keep the weight off perfectly well even though i don't weigh in any more. There's something about the weight/pain connection which is really motivating and I feel as though I have learnt the tools I need to keep the weight off now.

    Good luck - looking forward to hearing more about your successes!

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