My Sons journey to school.

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The council have decided to take over the transport-to-school contract for my Special needs son. So yesterday they were nearly an hour late to collect him (we were expecting some delay but not that much) so OH drove him in the car and when he arrived at about 9.45 not one bus had arrived.
This morning they were about 45 minutes late so I walked my Son to the bus expecting a lot of upset children (autistic children hate change) but instead I was greeted by bright smiles and laughter, the children telling me they had 5 more children still to collect. It seems it was quite an adventure for them.

It was lovely to see them all so relaxed and jolly in contrast to the usual frantic beeping and shouting we get from most 'late' drivers (we also had a car accident outside our house this morning). This has brightened my day.

Elizabeth x


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    Sounds like they've got a lovely driver who makes the journey fun, if they're full of smiles & laughter x
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    How lovely Elizabeth, that something so stressful has turned into something so relaxing , I would love to have seen all the children laughing and enjoying themselves..bless its a good start to there day and yours... :D
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    Don't think it was the driver-most of them can hardly drive anyway, failing to look in their mirrors and/or indicate before pulling out being the most common issue.

    No I think it was just the children finding the whole situation amusing.

    They have managed to get an extra mini bus sorted now so things have improved. It was likely to be a cost cutting measure that didn't work out.

    Elizabeth xxx
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    Sounds about right Elizabeth!

    Good to hear the kids making the best of a bad situation :)

    Glad it won't be happening from now on (hopefully ;) )


    Toni xxx
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    Hello Elizabeth
    I know it gets very stress full for autistic children if anything around them changes. your son is doing well good luck to him.
    joan xx

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