Respiratory Appointment friday

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Friday morning my app is ,not looking forward to it and very concerned how much I'm coughing,I'm also coughing up (sorry) lots of phlemy that's lumpy so don't really know what's going on,I suppose it could be the RA as I know it can affect the lungs ,makes me talk croaky a lot of the time ,so glad when it's sorted .Pocket duties will be very welcome. Mig


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    I'll be there, mig. Asthma can certainly make us cough and, given all the pollen about, it's high season for some of us right now. I hope a couple of inhalers is all you need.
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    I"ll be there, too, Mig. I hope it goes well for you and they're able to sort you out quickly.

  • GraceB
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    Count me in as well! Hope it goes well and you get some answers. Please let us know how you get on.

    Take care,
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    Hello Mig I have been asking about you in the cafe...count me in and like SW says asthma can cause an awful cough fingers crossed for you xx
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    Count me in, I am already packing scones, for post appointment refreshments. XX Aidan

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