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I have hip osteoarthritis (& neck & spine) but on my worst hip my lower leg is bigger than my other lower leg. This hasn't come on all of a sudden it's been like this for a long time but i have just recently found you guys so thought i would just ask if this is the same for anyone else??

Wendy x


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    Hi wobbly same has you I have hip and back oa..and have one leg much bigger than the other, I though when I had my thr it would go down, but it didnt..so I had blood test and its down to my kidney not working has they should..so get checked out..mine are only at stage 2 so nothing to worry about but at least you will be aware ..
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    Hi Wobbly,

    We aren't medically qualified so as Sharon suggests, it's probably best you get this checked out by your GP. Hope you get some answers.

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    Thank you for your replies.
    I have a review with gp next month to see if gabapentin is helping I will ask her then.

    Wobbly xx