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Hi all

Thought i would join this forum as it would be good to chat to people who know who i feel on a day to day basis!

I am 27 and recently found out i have arthritis in my right hip, it took a while for me to see a rheumatologist but i finally got an answer although i don't get to see her again until August to find out what we are going to do, so far i know that i am hypermobile and have arthritis but am also waiting on results of an MRI on my spine where I believe there are some compressed discs.

Unfortunately i believe all of this has come about due to multiple falls off of my horse, i've had to retire us both from riding now and although i love cuddling him every day i do miss horse riding. I've tried riding friends horses but i can't sit on a horse for longer than 5 minutes without getting excruciating pain in my lower back and hips.

I'm having a bad day with pain today after a trip to London yesterday, it appears that my body can't handle standing for long periods anymore which sucks :( Just walking around the shops has had me in agony with every step.

I'd love to hear some ways people cope and also to hear how any other younger sufferers keep positive as i worry about things only getting worse as i get older so hopefully this forum will help with that.

Sorry for the long post, all i was trying to say was hi!


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    Welcome to the forum, I am sure you will find support, advice, light relief and friendship on here.

    I am one of the moderation team, we all hav e one or more arthritis "hanger's on" or look after family with the same.

    Best wishes
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    Hi there and please don't apologise. We all have arthritis in one form or another and we do understand how difficult it gets at times.

    Perhaps a lot is due to falling off your horse. I only ever did Riding for the Disabled but I was really hooked on it. (Never fell off though. Mainly due to only riding very steady horses in safe conditions.)

    If it is due to falls etc then yours is probably OA. Hypermobility, however, has a genetic component. It's not always a problem. It can be an asset to some sports people. It's good that your rheumatologist is looking into things.

    As to how we cope - just have a read of the Living With Arthritis forum. Some days, like you, we cope better than others. Exercise is good but your body is already telling when enough is enough. We have to listen and decide whether or not this particular occasion is worth it.

    Do let us know how you get on.
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    Hello, I am one of the lucky ones on here with a creaky foot in both camps: I have an auto-immune form (psoriatic) which is dealt with by my rheumatologist and the joint damage that caused has led to osteo-arthritis which falls under the remit of my GP: each ignores the other's speciality.

    I take two medications to control the former and the latter is managed with pain relief, phsyio exercises and rest. Has any kind of medication or pain relief been suggested for you? I am now twenty years in and very used to the physical limitations these conditions have imposed upon me, I use walking aids because they help me do more and go further but can understand that this is very new and difficult for you. DD
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    Very delayed response to this, i do apologise.

    After lots of pain recently i went back to my doctor and was instantly referred for an MRI - I had the MRI and results within a week which for the NHS is very impressive!

    I have now been diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia and am awaiting my referral to a surgeon... Are there any others who have suffered from this and gone through surgery?

    It is slightly different now i know my arthritis is caused by this, i also have tears to the cartilage in my left hip.

    I'm in a fair bit of pain daily but trying to do exercise so as not to put on weight, i am swimming/running in water 3 times a week. If there are any other helpful exercises out there i would love to hear about them!
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    Hi Rhiannon,

    First of all welcome to the forums, and as one of the young un's here (well 36) I knw exactly what you are going through/fear. I was diagnosed just over 4 years ago with OA in my left knee, although no I suspect I had it going on 10 years.

    I know how hard it is to give up something you enjoy, I had to stop taking hikes in the Peak District (my hiking boos are just gathering dust!).

    As for keeping positive, I try and focue on the good things in my life, mainly family and my two wonderfull nieces. I also find distraction is the best thing to take my mind off the pain/stiffness etc. So I read books, listen to the radio. But you do get those days when the positivity just goes, so I come here, have a rant and take comfort from this amazing community.

    Best of luck

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    I'm glad things are moving on for you. Yes, sometimes the NHS can really get a move on. We are fortunate.

    Hip dysplasia? We have, and have had, people on here with it and I believe some have had operations. I put the term into the AC search engine and these former threads came up . It might help you to look through them and / or maybe PM someone who has this condition. Both 'Barbara12' and 'nearlybionic' are fairly frequent flyers on here.
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    I'm sorry to hear about your arthritis.😔 I'm 19yrs old and have recently been diagnosed with a form of arthritis but not sure what type yet, I'm looking more like an auto-immune type. It's not fun being young with this type of illness as it can literally strip your life away from you. I've waited over 2 years for answers and sadly I still don't have them, but I'm finally on medication to suppress my immune system.

    Hope you get some more answers soon.