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Just want to introduce myself being very new to this.
I'm 26 and have just been diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis and gout so this is all completely new to me. I've waited around 2 years to be properly diagnosed with both so have been suffering until I finally got a doctor to listen to me. I have been having loads of flare up's recently and my feet, back, toes, hands and fingers flare up the worst some of my toes are no longer able to straighten and my fingers end up severely swollen. I find it hard talking to people about it as they constantly tell me I'm far too young to have arthritis. So I decided to join this form to speak to other people who have the same problems I face daily.


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    Hi and welcome, Rebekah though, as we say on here, I'm sorry you had to find us.

    Unfortunately it can take a long time for a diagnosis with the autoimmune forms of arthritis and I suspect having both RA and gout has clouded the issue, but at least you are there now. Which meds are you taking?

    I'm glad you've found us. We can't change anything but we can empathise. I was diagnosed with RA at 15 and I got heartily sick of being told I was too young to have arthritis. In fact, a fellow youthful sufferer wrote a book entitled 'Arthritis, At Your Age? which I believe is now accessible online if you google it. Her name was Jill Holroyd. That was all many, many years ago and people no longer find me too young to have arthritis :lol:

    If you're flaring a lot it might be that the meds aren't yet working (Some can take 12 weeks to work properly) or it might be that you need either a higher dose or something else adding to the mix. I take two DMARDS - methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine - and they work well for me.

    When do you next see your rheumatologist? Perhaps you could ring your rheumatology helpline for advice?
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I wish we hadn't. :wink: There is a popular view about arthritis which (like most popular beliefs) is based on nonsense: there are two kinds (OA and RA) and only old people get it. Wrong, wrong and wrong.

    I'll be back tomorrow with a better reply but I wanted to acknowledge your post. DD
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    Hello Rebekah and a warm welcome from me..So glad you have joined us
    its does make such a difference having people to talk to that understand..I hope to see you around the forum.. :)