What's happening to my feet?

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Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me. I've had a lot of foot and ankle pain since my ra diagnosis and they were swollen for quite some time. But for the last few months they've been much better. However since yesterday they've swollen up again, my feet are v painful to touch, on the top, just up from my toes and my ankles are painful to touch along the leg bones. They have swollen up significantly again and are really tingly and itchy. It is also painful to walk. Is this normal? What can I do to relieve it? I'm panicking slightly as it feels like something new and I'm not sure if it's related to ra or not :/


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    Don't fear its most likely just the ups and downs of arther being playfull. Illnesses don't happen in straight lines as per textbooks, neither do our emotions, arther fooled you into thinking you felt better and then he gives you a kick up the bum! Your emotions will go up and down in line with how arther is affecting you. It changes for me with every step and day by day I feel different. Keep a record of how you feel and over time you will see the undulating lines. Try the helpline if unsure, thats what its there for!

    Keep smiling.
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    My hands and feet get like that sometimes, and I find that cold (well, cool, rather than icy) water really helps me. Cool packs are all well and good, but aren't much help when the area is so tender.

    I hope you find something to help and start to feel better soon.
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    the advice above sounds good , ie putting feet up , ice packs and seeing your Doctor

    one thought is , is your ankles swelling & does it go down overnight , they can put a steriod injection into your ankle which may help , some GP's can do this or ask your Rheumatologist when you have your next appointment
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    I think this is par for the course with an auto-immune inflammatory arthritis (mine's having a ball at the moment despite the meds). Rest as often as you can with your feet raised and legs comfortably supported. Ice frequently, keep up with any anti-inflammatory medication / pain relief you have been prescribed and, if things don't ease within a few days, contact your rheumatology unit so they know what's going on. I never contact the GPs about my PsA because that is not their remit and they do not prescribe the meds I take. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hello again
    Thanks for your advice, I feel calmer now! I will try ice or cool water and elevating them. The swelling doesn't go away overnight, it's the same morning or night.
    I will contact my GP or rheumatologist if it doesn't improve.
    Thanks x
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    Hope you feel better soon! I went through a bad flare up in my feet last year so know your pain. My advice is just the same as above really though I also tried dipping them in a basin of warm water too and then giving them a rub with moisturiser to ease some stiffness. But i would only use the warm water when they weren't burning up! I hope it eases off soon x