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So I already know I have OA in my knees and left thumb. GP suspected I may have cervical Spondylosis so sent me for mri which showed 'wear and tear' is that arthritis then? She seemed a bit matter of fact when she told me I was expecting some awful disc disease judging by the pain I've been in but she said it's more likely muscular! Also had other things going on so they did blood tests for RA which have come back negative but she says there are other auto immune diseases it could be so off to see rheumatologist. More flaming tests x


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    Yes, wear and tear is a common term for OA and yes, there are sero-negative forms of auto-immune arthritis. Do you know if anything else was checked in the blood test apart from RA factor? They normally do inflammatory markers too.

    Necks are difficult areas: they are the most stupid design, seven little vertebrae (and not huge muscles) supporting the heaviest part of the human body? It's no wonder they are prone to strain and troubles. Mine is a nuisance due to my hunching and general body tension all caused by pain, I am now consciously relaxing my neck and shoulders, trying to sit and stand better and ensuring my head is well-supported when I'm resting. I also have a fairly regular sports massage on my neck and upper back which helps.

    Diagnosis can be a long process and, in the case of the many and varied forms of auto-immune inflammatory arthritis, sometimes without a definite conclusion but that does not mean that treatment cannot begin. I began the meds four years before the medical penny dropped but they do not relieve my OA. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi yes they did a range of bloods including inflammation I think! Also vit D which was normal. I get swelling and pain in my shoulders, elbows, fingers and currently have hip pain and a pain running down my right thigh. I have never felt so exhausted in my life I am literally floored! Im 45 with a stressful job which never really used to bother me but now I have no energy and can barely move! Any ideas? This is why I am being referred to rheumatologist.
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    Well Jennifer it sounds as though things are progressing as they should be. Scans and now referral to rheumatology for an opinion.

    Wear and Tear is an old-fashioned way of describing osteoarthritis :roll: Out dated as young people can have it too!

    I hope soon you do get a definitive diagnosis and explanation for how you feel.


    Toni xx

    Toni xxx