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Hi everyone, have not been on here for a long time as I was always so busy with work and then totally exhausted when I came home in the evening. However I have been made redundant from a job which I absolutely loved for over 10 years. An American company took us over then got rid of most of us. Thinking at first hallelujah no more getting up on freezing cold mornings and having to get the old joints moving. But then what the hell do I do with myself all day as work meant so much to me, meeting people, taking my mind off my illness, enjoying the company of the much younger colleagues and learning new things. And most of all feeling I was so much a part of the world. Now after having a Gastronomechias Slider back in August last year and recovering I find that I see no one all day as my friends are still working and the only thing I look forward is to when my husband comes home from work and my daughter too. For 10 minutes its all chit chat, then dinner, then showers then my husband goes to bed (as he gets up very early) and my daughter is off with her boyfriend. So ergo I am left alone with just the TV. Because of my disability with my OA this restricts me from doing so much and I cannot use public transport but I drive which helps alot. They have now decided I have to have another operation for carpul tunnel on my left hand, my left shoulder and elbow. When is all this going to stop as I have had so many ops but no replacements, so although some of the pain goes the OA always stays! Should I say enough is enough until it gets so bad that I have to have replacement joints or should I still carry on having these short term fixes? Meanwhile it means I am still stuck at home all day. I really want to get back to work but I am finding this very difficult as well as soon as I tick the box that says you are guaranteed an interview if you are disabled, I don't get any replies. Anyone else had this problem? I am still too young to retire and just need the company of work colleagues and a purpose in life to get up in the mornings for as well as conversation! Sorry to go on but life at the moment does not seem to be going anywhere! I am usually a very upbeat and happy person and laugh at the smallest things but just lately I am finding things difficult. Sorry.


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    Oh dear Crazeybones,

    You do not sound very happy at all. I am sorry to hear about your redundancy. Such a big change in your life was bound to have an affect on you.

    It sounds as though you are feeling thoroughly fed-up and I am not at all surprised.

    Coming on here is a good start with people to chat to in the day-time and evening who understand your pain.

    I don't know how old you are, but you clearly want to get back into work the fact that you drive is a real bonus. I am attaching a link to Arthritis Care's information 'working with arthritis'. Do please have a look there is information which might help you:

    It might help to have a read about arthritis care's services including courses and groups:

    Can I also remind you of our helpline number in-case you would like to have a chat with someone?

    Helpline 0808 800 4050

    Best of luck and please do keep in touch

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    Hello! I can totally sympathise with you there although you seem to be a tad more advanced in the OA than I am. I am at the stage now where at work we are discussing ill health retirement I am only 45 but it dawned on me that I would be leaving a job I love but really can no longer do. What will I actually do with my life?!?!

    I am sure there will be lots you could do at your own pace. Volunteer maybe? What a useful purpose to serve I am certainly going to consider it as I have the need to help people.

    How about a small business you can start from home? My brain is racing but I guess nothing compares to work even if at times it us such an effort to drag ourselves up to go.

    I hope you do d something to occupy ypur mind and take it off this awful disease x