An unexpected call from my doctor today.....

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So I had a recent MRI on my neck and went to clinic to get results, wear and tear. Today my doctor rang me to say the clinic sent him the MRI and checked and saw a defect in the small sac attached to the bottom of my brain! Well you could imagine my panic, turns out I have Empty Sella Syndrome, off for more tests in the morning!


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    Hi Jennifer - I can imagine you were very alarmed indeed. I hope the further tests go ok, most people who have this do not show any symptoms at all, some may need hormone treatment. Most people who have this show no problems and it only comes to light, as in your case, when they do a scan ie on your neck, head etc.
    Try not to worry, I know it is difficult. XX Aidan
    XX Aidan (still known as Bubbles).