now have date for london hospital

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I have the date for my'pet scan', the 31st august. I have seen a oncologist and he just said about the AO in left knee (yes), then he said 'spinal arthritis'!. He seem surprised when I said I knew nothing about this.
It seems 4 years ago when I saw a physio about my stiff neck,and was told that it was the bad way I was laying, he meant that I had arthritis in my spine at the top!. He did not tell me anything about the arthritis, so now it seems that all this 'stuff' is raging through me (arthritis x 2, and bowel cancer).
All I want to do is sleep all day.I just want everything to end and finish. I looked up 'dr google' and it seems after a bowel op your blood result can give a 'false positive' (who knew?)
My left knee still clicks walking upstairs. and it's still swollen up, but, tomorrow is another day!.
schair :sun:


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    Hi,You certainly have a lot going on,we are a supportive crowd on here though being the weekend its a little quiet,I will be ready for pocket duties nearer the time and I'm sure lots of others will be,sending hugs (((()))) .Mig
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    It seems very unfair when arthritis spreads but spread it does. :( Am I right in thinking you have had a knee replacement? Any kind of surgery can leave us with swelling for some time after the event, as I see it our bodies weren't designed for medical interference but that doesn't stop them does it? :wink: I can understand the feeling of wanting everything done and dusted, you've been through the mill, haven't you? It's good you have a date for the scan, please let us know how you get on.

    I have a question which I hope you can answer - what do you mean by a false positive? And in relation to what? DD
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    Hi Tupney,

    I can see you are coping with a lot, it sounds like you have good support in your medical team which is crucial. Then you will have family support and, of course, you have us too.

    As Mig said we are good at pocket duties when you need them

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Hello Dreamdaisy, I was told that in a blood test there is a 'cancer marker'. If the number is 35 and below that is normal, anything over 50 is 'cause for concern', mine was 125, so even though all my other scans say that nothing nasty is inside me, to 'make really sure' I will have a PET scan, that goes deeper, deeper, deeper than the other scans.
    I myself think that there is nothing there, but, to 'make sure' lets do it!. After a big op everything inside can be messed up, so this CA 125 cancer marker in the blood can look bad, but turns out not to be.
    I will let you all know what happens, when it happens, and thankyou all for the lovely messages. fsmile :sun:
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    Good luck with the scan. Hope it goes well for you.

    As for "Dr Google" I was always under the impression only to trust the NHS based websites as the internet can give a heck of a lot of false information. I'd ask your GP as, at least that way, you'll get a proper definition and explanation!

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    :sun: Now have results from my PET scan in London. I have a N.E.T. tumour that is in my abdomen, ugh!. I have had 2 injections so far of Hormone, this will go on every 4 weeks for as the oncologist said 'for ever'. The hormone stops the nasty from getting bigger.
    So, I have type 2 diabetes, OA in my left knee, and something not very good inside me!, so my life seems full of things to think about, I hope that everybody is getting on fine and that you all will be doing handstands and cartwheels soon (maybe tomorrow!).
    Bye for now, I feel tired again,
    Tupney. :sun: sfl0
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    Hello again, tupney. I'm sorry about the new diagnosis though pleased that it seems to be something one lives with rather than dies from. Quite a few of us have an accumulation of problems and it's not much fun, is it?

    Thank you for your good wishes. I couldn't even do handstands and cartwheels when I was fit. Now I struggle just with 'footstands' :lol: Keep smiling :D
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    Oh dear, I am sorry. Sadly having one condition doesn't guarantee us against starting more - life is full of health hazards some of which we can guard against but many which we cannot. You are not alone in coping with multiple conditions but the good news is that the tumour can be controlled and that is worth celebrating. Am I right in thinking that Type 2 diabetes can be controlled by diet? As for OA we all know about that on here, control doesn't come into it as we are all at the mercy of the weather but we can always ease things a little, albeit temporarily. I wish you well. DD

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