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Hi there,

I have tried 2 biologics, Humira and Cimzia, neither have worked so need to look at next option with rheumatologist on Friday.
I have a contact latex allergy so likes of Embrel weren't on table for me.

I am curious to know where biologics haven't worked for someone whether there have been any other types of treatment put on table as I presume there are new treatments being developed everyday but haven't heard anything outside biologics being offered in last 5-10 years?

I presume they could possibly give me one of IV biologics instead of by injection but just checking out my options.

Many Thanks


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    Hi Hoping1
    and welcome to the community. It is a shame that 2 of the biologics have not worked for you, but the good news is that there others to choose from. I don't know if there is an issue with other biologics having latex on the needle cap and tip or not so you will need to check with your rheumaologist.
    Here is a link to our fact sheet about some biologics that are given at hospital
    If you would like more information you can also phone our Helpline on 0808 800 4050
    I am sure some members will be along soon to share their experience
    Best Wishes
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    there are a list of Biologics our consultant can give you , have you got RA & sero-positive , even if not there or others , I am about to start tofacitinib which is a tablet biologic , was on rituximab & tocilizumab before so dont worry as it should work out well for you
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    Thanks for info, never heard of biologics in tablet form before, so live in hope of getting one which works for me. :)
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    Hoping1 wrote:
    I presume there are new treatments being developed everyday

    I think you're being a tad optimistic there :) To the best of my knowledge the latest meds are the bio-similars ie generic biologics but I can't recall anyone writing of meds more advanced than biologics. When I was first diagnosed with R.A. in 1961 my very eminent rheumatologist assured me a cure was 'just around the corner'. I guess they're still looking for the right corner :wink:

    I get by on DMARDS and have never done biologics.

    I know nothing about how reliable the site below is but it does give a list of latex-free biologics and, as you'll be seeing your rheumatologist anyway, I guess you could check it our with him / her.

    Good luck!
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    The biologics are the latest development - arthritis is an ordinary run-of-the-mill disease that is generally associated with the elderly and using a stick. As diseases go it's not life-threatening (although it can be life-altering and life-limiting) and I think its ubiquity works against it.

    My first dose of infliximab was a miracle and misled me into thinking that it would carry on having that effect. I now understand that what I would like to happen and what actually does are in no way related. I am currently on meth and humira and my PsA is very well controlled: that is as good as it gets. I still flare, I am still in pain (some of which is my OA) and I still get very, very tired but that is the nature of the beast. Regarding the tablet form of biologics, that was being researched / developed at least ten years ago. Like us arthritics the medical R&D world moves slowly. DD
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