newbie 42 years old - any others too of my age group or so?

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Hi - I was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago but have ignored the medical diagnosis and messed about with meds. I had a massive flare last week and now have to take this seriously - just wondered if any other peeps around my age are also wondering what on earth is happening to them and would like to chat and share info....
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    That's exactly what we do on these forums, seznh. We chat, share info, commiserate, listen, sympathise and empathise. Welcome to our creaky gang :D

    It's a common misperception that arthritis is a disease of old age. Many of us on here thought that until it hit personally. I was diagnosed at 15. I think the youngest person whose parents were on here was 2.

    It sounds, from what you write about meds, as if you have an autoimmune form of arthritis ie not osteo. If so I'd advise you to stop 'messing around with the meds' and take them. They're your best bet for a reasonably normal life and the sooner we get on them the better. If, on the other hand, you have osteo then the fact that you've not been taking meds regularly probably won't matter. NSAIDS will help if you're bad right now though. Maybe time for a chat with the docs?
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