cbd oil/tablets

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has anyone tried it, if so did it help the pain?



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    No and I won't, I prefer the production guarantees of paracetamol et al.
    Everyone's perception of pain is unique and placebo effects vary too. You won't know until you try - sometimes the feeling that one is being pro-active is enough to reduce pain levels. DD
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    Hi Grace, i,m not sure to be honest. I am a little wary what with cost and effects etc. My hubby tried it and it worked for him (diabetic) but it turned out it was making pain from a life threatening infection and he spent a month in hosp and we nearly lost him!
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    I take CBD oil daily, have done so for about one year, and have found it a useful adjunctive therapy to Co-Codamol (Paracetamol & Codeine Phosphate tablets).

    I was initially offered Gabapentin for breakthrough pain by my GP - not least due to the fact that Non-Steroidal medication is contra indicated due to ongoing inflammatory bowel disease and anaemia.

    Unfortunately within a couple of weeks of starting Gabapentin I experienced side effects of fatigue and slurring my speech to the extent people thought I was intoxicated (or more so than usual).

    Hence, at my wife's suggestion, I thought I would give CBD oil a try and am pleased I did. The oil that I take has been manufactured within a quality controlled environment /process to an accepted and recognised standard.

    I also have acupuncture periodically from a Physician who has trained and qualified in both allopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    The acupuncture method he employs is based around the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine rather than the western medical model for acupuncture. Due to the cost (£70 per treatment), I only undergo a course of this therapy, for six to eight weeks each time, if matters appear to be getting out of hand.

    It is possible, although not always easy, to obtain acupuncture via the NHS although, to the best of my knowledge, this is always follows the western medical model that (IMHO) rather misses the point but it is understandable. Hence the reason I see a consultant privately for this therapy.

    I appreciate that you did not specifically ask about acupuncture but you are obviously investigating your options at this point and so seemed prudent to mention it. I hope this was OK and that my experience of both treatments is of interest.

    Please do keep in mind that I am obviously a trial cohort of one and my impressions regarding the efficacy of these treatments is entirely subjective. Having said that I certainly have no intentions to discontinue either of them. My GP is aware and has neither expressed concern nor taken issue with my choices.

    I hope this is of some interest.